Tuesday April 1, 2014

School of Law honors top students with CALI Awards

The 2013 CALI Awards were handed out April 2, 2014. The CALI Awards honor the outstanding academic achievements of UDSL students by acknowledging the student with the top grade in each School of Law course for the 2013-14 academic year.

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Andrew P. Acosta
Externship (sec. 03)
Capstone: Commercialization IP

Hisham A. Alshaikh
Intro: US Legal System & Research

Deanna L. Arivett
Criminal Law (sec. 01)
Legal Profession II (sec. 03)

Lindsay Arway
Legal Profession I (Sec. 02)

Paul M. Batten
Law Video Gaming

Oliver M. Bauer                
Environmental Law

Patti Bearley
Capstone: Advanced Dispute Resolution

Robert A. Besier
Cybersecurity and National Security Law

Joseph G. Bogdewiecz
Appellate Practice & Procedure (Sec. 01)

Tanyon T. Boston
Trade Secret Law

Kyle A. Bradley
Interviewing, Counseling and Negotiation (sec. 01)
Contracting with the Federal Government

Bennett W. Brasfield
Criminal Procedure – Investigative
Trial Practice - Criminal

Samantha G. Brinker
Entertainment Law
Legal Profession II (sec. 05)
Constitutional Law (sec. 01)

Jessica A. Brockman
Cybersecurity National Security Law
Secured Transactions
Transactional Drafting (sec. 02)
Individual Income Taxation
Professional Responsibility

Josephine Broussard
Corporate Compliance and Ethics Programs
UCC: Secured Transactions
Family Law
Fundamentals of Evidence (Sec. 02)

Andrew S. Cain
Torts I

Christian M. Cavalier
Externship (Sec. 01)

Adam G. Clark
ADR for the Litigator

Alexander W. Cloonan
Contracts I

Samuel R. Coffey
Professional Responsibility
Family Law
Employment Discrimination

Kelsie M. Cooley
Interviewing, Counseling and Negotiation (sec. 01)

Lauren C. Cooper
Business Organization

Geetanjali Darubra
Law Clinic - Civil

Deena M. DeGroff
Interviewing, Counseling and Negotiation (Sec. 02)

Aaron D. Doll
Legal Profession II

Phillip P. Donovan
Transactional Drafting (sec. 01)
Securities Regulation
Capstone: Business Plan - Small Business

Robert A. Drummond
Conflict Management & ADR
Real Property II

Daniel J. Durocher
Social Media & Criminal Law

Lee Fairchild
Copyright Law

Daniel R. Ferringer
Law and Education

Franchesco Fickey-Martinez
Constitutional Law

Edward S. Fisher
Capstone: Tort Litigation - Medical Malpractice
Professional Responsibility

Ashley D. Flores
Legal Profession I (Sec. 05)

Cristina V. Frankian
Electronic Commerce

Benjamin J. Freeman
Family Law
UCC: Payment Systems

Megan L. Gaskin
Capstone: Family Law

Jason A. Griffin
Torts II (sec. 02)
Appellate Practice & Procedure (Sec. 02)

Christine M. Hammond
Torts II (sec. 01)

Stephen J. Harkleroad
Capstone: Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Jenna S. Harrison
Externship (sec. 01)

Karen S. Hatfield
Law as a Calling
UCC: Sales

Kelli L. Hayes
Capstone: Complex Litigation

John B. Hemenway
Trial Practice – Civil
Employment Law

Chad R. Houston
Business Organization
Interviewing, Counseling & Negotiation (Sec. 02)
Trial Practice - Criminal

Samuel W. Hughes
Immigration Law Process and Policy

Marcie Hunnicutt
Contracts II (sec. 02)
Legal Profession II (sec. 04)
Intellectual Property

Jasmin J. Hurley               
Civil Practice & Procedure (Sec. 01)

Anne B. Jagielski
Trial Practice - Civil (Sec. 01)

Stacy J. Jewell
Law Clinic Intern (Sec. 02)

Matthew J. Kaminski
Externship (Sec. 02)

Sonja N. Kawasaki
Externship (sec. 01)
Transactional Drafting

Charles S. Kilburn
Capstone: Estate Tax and Planning


Dennis M. Kirk
Trial Practice - Criminal

Nadia A. Klarr
Legal Profession l (Sec. 01)

Laura E. Kloimwieder
Capstone: Civil Rights & Liberties

Adam D. Kostik
Trial Practice - Civil (Sec. 02)
International Law

David Kovach
Contracts II (sec. 01)
Criminal Law (sec. 01)

Bradley R. Krzyston
Law Clinic Intern (Sec. 03)

Robert R. Land
Constitutional Law (sec. 02)

Allie J. Larsen
Discovery Techniques

Joseph J. Latas
Real Property I
Torts II
Contracts II
Torts I
Criminal Law

John F. Leitzinger
Unbundling & the Future of Law

Allen K. Leung
Race, Health Disparities Law

Kirsten F. Livingston
Interviewing, Counseling & Negotiation (Sec. 01)
Adoption & Assist. Reproduction

Ehren D. Lohse
Wills & Trusts
Business Organizations
Fundamentals of Evidence (sec. 01)

John C. Lyle
UCC: Sales
Creditors' Rights
Individual Income Tax Law

Patrick J. Lynch
Capstone: Cybercrime (Sec. 02)

Whitney D. McConnell
Capstone: Patent Practice & Procedure
Externship (sec. 02)

Jacquelyn A. McTigue
Real Property I

Mark D. Merrell               
UCC: Sales & Personal Property

Ernest Neilson
Law Clinic - Civil

Ethan A. Nkana
Externship (sec. 02)

Michael F. Norris
Legal Profession I (Sec. 04)

Lucas J. Nuccio
Antitrust Law

Meghan K. Nugent
Capstone: Patent Litigation

Alfonso L. Perez-Diaz
Legal Profession II (sec. 02)

Jessica L. Phillips
Externship (sec. 02)

Stephen R. Ramsey
ADR for the Litigator

Katherine E. Ravenhall
Legal Profession I

Richard M. Ray
Natural Resources Law

Kathryn A. Rettich
Torts I

Allison J. Rice
Trial Practice - Criminal

Christopher R. Robbins
Capstone: Advanced Dispute Resolution

Jennifer R. Roberts
Law Practice Management
Intellectual Property

Justin W. Roberts 
International Intellectual Property

Nicholas B. Robinson

Kimberly N. Roeder
Trial Practice - Civil

Chasiti P. Ross
Law Clinic Intern

Stella A. Rowland
Legal Profession II (sec. 07)

Stella A. Rowland

Tracy A. Shtofman
Advanced Criminal Law

James M. Simpkins
Creditors' Rights

Tessie L. Smith
Appellate Practice & Procedure (Sec. 03)
Legal Profession II (sec. 06)
Criminal Law (sec. 02)

Jonathon B. Snider
Fundamentals of Evidence

Christina M. Spencer
Criminal Pro - Adjudication

Brandon J. Stewart
Bioethic and the Law
Race, Health Disparities Law
Race, Racism in American Law

Steven D. Strai
Contracts I

Catherine A. Tatum
Law Clinic - Criminal

Julie C. Trogele
Legal Profession II (sec. 01)

Alexander V. Vanioukov              
Trial Practice - Civil
Law Clinic Intern (Sec. 01)

Katelynn L. Waldock
Social Media and Criminal Law

Dianne P. Weiskittle
Wills & Trusts
Capstone: Cybercrime (sec. 01)

Edward B. White
Individual Income Taxation

Lanita L. Williamson
Interstate Family Law Litigation
Capstone: Family Law

Katherine N. Wright
International Law
Externship (sec. 04)
Trial Practice - Civil

Amie L. Wright
Interviewing, Counseling and Negotiation (Sec. 02)

Joseph E. Zeis
Civil Practice & Procedure (Sec. 02)

Cory J. Zorsch
Legal Profession l (Sec. 03)

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