Friday July 18, 2014

A New Look

The Dayton Flyers' new identity emphasizes commitment, passion and teamwork and sets the direction for the next generation of student-athletes.

This year’s Elite Eight® run was no storybook ending. It was just the beginning. On the heels of a remarkably successful men’s basketball season, the University of Dayton is rolling out a new logo and identity for the Dayton Flyers athletics program. Produced by branding agency 160over90, with creative consultation from Nike, the athletics logo was revealed on Friday, July 18, on the Dayton Flyers website.

"The new image is an investment in our athletic program’s future," said Tim Wabler, University of Dayton vice president and director of athletics. "This is a stronger, more iconic representation of our program and our sports teams — one that will set the direction for the next generation of Dayton Flyers. This is more than just a logo; it's an affirmation of our commitment to meet the challenges of today’s intercollegiate athletics environment."

The University of Dayton and 160over90 worked collaboratively to create and execute a design that embodies the University's history and its vision for the future. Building on the well known Dayton Flyers image while maintaining its classic feel, this new theme aims to attract more attention from high-quality student-athletes, while elevating the perception of the athletics program. The new Flyer identity is designed to be easily discernible, visually interesting, and unmistakable, setting the University of Dayton apart from any NCAA Division I school. Donors are providing funding for the new brand.  

"Our new logo will certainly be a success factor for our program," said head men’s basketball coach Archie Miller. "From the start, I’ve been an advocate of a unified identity which can continue to sell a new day and age for our program. Our brand is as strong as it’s ever been and this will continue to keep us in the nation’s basketball mindset. The University of Dayton has always had a great image locally and within our campus community. This will only set us up to be even more connected as we move forward. It's a special time to be a part of this re-branding, and it’s essential to our future."

The new logo is adaptable across all athletic environmental branding mediums, from digital and broadcast, to the court and stadium signage, to uniforms and apparel.

"We need a brand and style that matches the quality of our programs," said head women’s basketball coach Jim Jabir. "The new look will help accelerate the momentum we have in recruiting and move us forward as a national program."

A wide range of people were involved in the project. Faculty, students, student-athletes, coaches, supporters and alumni provided input during the process.

"The University of Dayton is an elite academic and athletic institution," said Darryl Cilli, chief creative officer of 160over90, which represents nationally recognized brands including the Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Angels, Notre Dame, UCLA and Ferrari North America. "When it comes to basketball, UD has great players, amazing coaches, a world-class arena, and some of the best fans in all of college sports. The opportunity to work on their athletics identity, in collaboration with Nike, is a dream assignment. We really want this to be something that resonates with the Flyer Faithful and that stands the test of time."

Rollout of the logos and themes will occur in phases, starting with the basketball programs, new athletics facilities projects and more visible athletics venues. Both logos will be in use during the transition. Retailers will continue selling their current inventory while phasing in merchandise with the new logos. Limited merchandise with the new logos will be available soon at, Korporate Kasuals and the University of Dayton bookstore.

University of Dayton athletics also will unveil its new look on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

For more information, contact the University of Dayton Athletics Communications Office at

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