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Friday August 22, 2014

A New Record

The University set a new all-time enrollment record when first-year students moved in this fall.

The University of Dayton will welcome an estimated 2,205 first-year students this weekend, the largest first-year class in the University’s history. 

This class is also among the University’s most academically prepared and diverse first-year classes with the highest average test scores in school history and significant increases in the number of African-American and Hispanic students.

"Some of the best academically prepared students in the country continue to choose the quality and value of our Catholic, Marianist education," said Sundar Kumarasamy, vice president for enrollment management and marketing. "With increased competition nationally and in Ohio, it’s significant that demand for a University of Dayton education is continuing."

Kumarasamy said deans and faculty members expanded their involvement in the recruitment process, especially for minority students. "The faculty are deeply committed to academic excellence in their programs, and that shows when they interact with students," he said.

The University continues to offer features appreciated by families and add to the value of a University of Dayton education, including a four-year tuition plan that eliminates fees, an offer up to $4,000 over four years for books and a promise that scholarships and grants will increase each year to offset any tuition increases. 

"Our tuition plan gives a family more than just the ability to better financially plan their student's education," he said. "They tell us that one of the most important factors is their peace of mind in knowing what the future costs will be."

Kumarasamy said families also value the University's four-year graduation pledge, and scholarships for select international programs, including China, that offer students the opportunity to study abroad for the same cost as staying on campus.      

This year's class bests the 1967 record set at the height of the baby boom when 2,073 first-year students enrolled.The University expects total undergraduate enrollment for the fall semester also will be record-breaking, topping the 1968 mark of 7,547 students set during the baby boom era.

Bill Fischer, vice president for student development, said his staff is meeting the challenge to fully optimize housing and other student services to ensure a high-quality experience for each student.

"It became clear over the summer that the University would have record-breaking enrollment this semester. Through student development -— from residence life to campus recreation to counseling to new student orientation — we have been creative in using our resources in the best possible ways," Fischer said. 

"We want every student to feel embraced by and become a part of that close-knit community so much a part of the University of Dayton tradition." 

Students will move into the University over three days with about 230 first-year students arriving at Marianist Hall the evening of Friday, Aug. 22. The rest of the first-year students will move in on Saturday, with upperclassmen scheduled to return to campus on Sunday. Classes start Wednesday, Aug. 27. 

For more information, contact Cilla Shindell, executive director of news and communications, at 937-229-3257 or

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