Thursday April 2, 2015

Learning Outcomes

The Common Academic Program draws from Habits of Inquiry and Reflection, a document that lays out the purposes of a Marianist education and delineates specific outcomes. CAP is the means of delivering those outcomes.


Values and skills necessary for learning, living, and working in communities of support and challenge.


Intellectually informed, appreciative and critical understanding of the cultures, histories, times and places of multiple others, as marked by class, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, nationality, sexual orientation and other manifestations of difference.


Ability to engage in intellectually informed, appreciative and critical inquiry regarding major faith traditions.


Advanced habits of academic inquiry and creativity through the production of a body of artistic, scholarly or community-based work intended for public presentation and defense.


Addressing real human problems and deep human needs.


Articulate reflectively the purposes of their life and proposed work through the language of vocation.


Habits of inquiry and reflection, informed by familiarity with Catholic Social Teaching.

Read more about CAP requirements HERE.

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