Business Plan Finalists

Five teams have advanced to the final round of the University of Dayton’s 10th annual Business Plan Competition.

The finalists, selected from 10 teams at the semi-finalist or cameo round on Nov. 14, will compete, along with one team from China, for $65,000 in cash prizes at the final round on March 5.

“The competition in this year’s cameo round was extremely tough,” said Vincent Lewis,  director of the L. William Crotty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. “Our finalists not only represent great business ideas, but can also have a significant impact on society. From improving the lives of people with cystic fibrosis to improving the treatment of pediatric scoliosis, this year’s competition is helping launch new startups, and helping these start-ups improve lives.”

Finalists are:

Aer: a test that allows cystic fibrosis patients to monitor lung function from home. By tracking lung function over a period of time, patients will be able to tell if their cough is cause for a hospital visit without having to guess. Senior entrepreneurship major Jessica Kerr won the $2,500 Ernst and Young Women-in-Entrepreneurship Award, for the entry in both the elevator pitch and cameo rounds.

Automated Growing Rod: a therapeutic orthopedic device for pediatric scoliosis correction and external fixation applications. The device gives orthopedic physicians the ability to deliver precise, frequent, non-surgical adjustments to patients, along with biomechanical feedback, which reduces cost and risk, and improves patient outcomes. Team members include University alumnus Lewis Ross.

Slap Wrap Straps: patent pending, auto-wrapping lifting straps for fitness industries, competitive sports weight training and rehabilitation. Slap Wrap automatically wraps around the object being lifted, which provides a quicker, tighter and more uniform grip that allows better body mechanics during weight training and rehabilitation. Team members include Keith Lamping, a student in the University’s doctor of physical therapy program.

Axial Capillary Fibers: an advanced materials technology for ballast water treatment in the shipping industry. The team involves the U.S. Air Force Research Lab’s Technology Acceleration Program and The Entrepreneur’s Center in Dayton. Team members include Andrew Hamilton, a second-year student studying finance and accounting and Dayton native.

LYGENT iStrab: the first automated device to accurately screen and measure strabismus, or “crossed-eyes” in children. iStrab is a single device that provides a more accurate measurement free from variability and bias. Team members include University alumnus Nick VanDillen

The sixth finalist team will be chosen from the University of Dayton’s Entrepreneurship in China contest. More than 50 teams from Chinese universities are expected to compete at the University of Dayton China Institute in the Suzhou Industrial Park on Jan. 10. Two members of the winning team will have their travel to Dayton paid to compete in the final round.


News and Communications Staff