Tuesday August 25, 2015

A Leader in Higher Education

From the classroom to the boardroom, Dr. Curran's leadership and expertise have fostered cutting-edge approaches to address some of higher education's most crucial challenges.

Under his leadership, Daniel Curran enrolled some of the largest, most academically talented classes in school history, increased faculty and changed its enrollment strategy to become a more selective university that attracts most of its students from outside Ohio — and many from around the world.

"Through his leadership, the University continues to recruit and retain a world-class faculty dedicated to achieving excellence in scholarship, teaching and service," said Carissa Krane, an associate professor of biology who serves as president of the Academic Senate, the representative body of the faculty.

Michael Galligan-Stierle, president and CEO of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, describes Curran as "a model" for contemporary leadership at Catholic universities, where more than 60 percent are now led by lay leaders.

"When Dan took office, lay presidents were still in the minority in Catholic higher education,” he said. “Through his example, he helped demonstrate that individuals who answer the calling to lead a Catholic college or university — religious or lay — bring with them unique gifts that equip them to lead and to celebrate the Catholic mission of the institution. And over the last 12 years, Dan has continued to exude that leadership."

Among the University’s achievements during his tenure: 

  • Earned national acclaim for an innovative tuition plan that gives families peace of mind about the cost of a four year degree by eliminating fees and boosting scholarships to cover any tuition increases.
  • Staked out a leadership position in sustainability by becoming the first Catholic university to divest from fossil fuel investments. 
  • Achieved the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching Community Engagement Classification, recognizing the school's long-standing commitment to community engagement through teaching, service, research and partnerships.
  • Increased faculty ranks by nearly 20 percent and increased the University's national stature in research. 

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