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From Catholic issues to the courtroom, University of Dayton experts were tapped for their expertise on some of the hottest topics and biggest news of the 2011-12 academic year.


NPR interviewed Ted Kowalski, Kuntz Family Chair in Educational Administration, July 12 about the politics of the Ohio superintendent’s race. Kowalski said politics are an inevitable part of the process and that superintendents must be confident administrators, lobbyists, political analysts and leaders.

Religion News Service quoted Vince Miller, Gudorf Chair in Catholic Theology and Culture, in a May 17 story about how U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan’s proposed budget does not reflect Catholic social teaching.

Associate professor of political science Nancy Miller was quoted in an Associated Press story Feb. 5 on Gov. John Kasich’s State of the State speech.

Jason Pierce, political science department chair, penned a June 21 op-ed piece in the Dayton Daily News about Congressional gridlock.

Former Ohio Gov. Bob Taft, now a distinguished research associate with the School of Education and Allied Professions, discussed politics and the State of the State speech Feb. 7 on “All Sides with Ann Fisher,” on WOSU-AM public radio in Columbus.

Taft was profiled in the Cincinnati Enquirer Jan. 8 and in The Columbus Dispatch Jan. 22 about his life after politics and his legacy.

In November, Miller talked to The Hill, a newspaper that covers politics and business in Washington D.C., about the impact on the poor of the GOP’s proposed budget.

Culture and Society

WAMC/Northeast Public Radio and Inside Higher Education on June 22 featured an Academic Minute podcast by Susan Trollinger, associate English professor, on why the Amish continue to fascinate tourists.

The Christian Science Monitor quoted assistant sociology professor Jamie Longazel in a June 25 story about the Supreme Court's decision on the Arizona immigration law and how it would affect cities and states considering similar laws.

Janet Bednarek, history professor, talked to CNN about the golden age of air travel for a Memorial Day weekend story.

The New York Times quoted auto historian John Heitmann at length in a Dec. 16 story about American manufacturers’ disastrous responses — the Gremlin, the Vega and the Pinto — to import models in the 1960s. The Columbus Dispatch quoted Heitmann in a Dec. 20 story about Saab’s bankruptcy. 

The New York Times published a letter to the editor from auto historian John Heitmann April 8 on the effect of rising gasoline costs on car culture.

Vince Miller, the Gudorf Chair in Catholic Theology and Culture, was quoted by The New York Times Oct. 25 about a new call by the Vatican for radical reform of the global financial system. The story was carried in more than 80 outlets. Miller also wrote an extensive article for the National Catholic Reporter about the Vatican’s position.

An Associated Press story April 29 about interesting nicknames for criminals quoted Tim Apolito of the criminal justice studies program. At least 300 outlets picked up the story, including Fox News, Boston GlobeDenver Post,, Newsday, NPR, The Washington Post and

The Associated Press wrote about a Library of Congress documentary featuring the Vietnam War experience of law professor Tom Hagel and his brother, Nebraska U.S. Sen. Chuck Hagel. The story was picked up across the nation.

The Associated Press quoted Heitmann in a Nov. 3 story about Chevy’s 100th anniversary. Hundreds of outlets across the country picked up the story.

Caroline Merithew, associate history professor, talked to the Chicago Tribune April 30 about race relations in a small Illinois town.

CNBC quoted professor and auto historian John Heitmann in a Jan. 6 story about the Detroit Auto Show and what could be America’s next cult classic car.

Heitmann was also quoted in a Dayton Daily News story Jan. 30 about fewer teens getting their driver’s licenses. The story was picked up by The Associated Press and carried in nearly 100 outlets nationally.

Silviu Bunta, assistant professor of religious studies, was quoted in The Christian Science Monitor on Christmas Day about the convergence of some threads of Jewish and Christian thought.

Our Sunday Visitor quoted Vince Miller, Gudorf Professor of Faith and Culture, on Dec. 11 about whether a flat tax fits within Catholic social teaching.

Longazel was featured in a Nov. 5 story in the Hazleton, Pa., Standard Speaker about his research on the city’s immigration enforcement ordinance.

Education professor Thomas J. Lasley II wrote an op-ed for The Chronicle of Higher Education defending a new ranking and assessment program for teacher education institutions that is very unpopular.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution quoted assistant psychology professor Erin O’Mara in a Thanksgiving Day story about her research on the risks of being too optimistic.

The Associated Press quoted assistant political science professor Michelle Pautz in a Nov. 2 story about salaries for public workers. The story cited Pautz’ research on how government is portrayed in movies.

Distinguished Research Professor Bill Bainbridge was featured on and the Catholic News Service for his perspective on the child sex abuse scandal at Penn State. Bainbridge also wrote a column for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Steve Harrod, assistant operations management professor, was quoted about detractors of high speed rail in The blog’s story was picked up by more than 64 outlets.

Dayton’s new immigrant-friendly initiative, “Welcome Dayton,” attracted considerable national media attention. Reuters, The Associated Press and the Dayton Daily News wrote stories about the initiative, quoting sociology professors Jamie Longazel and Theo and Linda Majka. Dozens of outlets picked up the stories, including The Boston GlobeHouston Chronicle, MSNBC and Fox News.

On Oct. 1, Vincent J. Miller, Gudorf Professor of Faith and Culture, talked to’s “Belief Blog” on the difficulties of preaching about greed during the recession.

A Voice of America radio program interviewed auto historian John Heitmann for an Oct. 23 story about the Ford Edsel, a car that pushed the envelope and was a commercial failure.

English professor Jim Farrelly was quoted in a Canadian wire service story Oct. 25 about expectations for fewer trick-or-treaters this Halloween. The Calgary HeraldVancouver Sun, and the Edmonton Journal picked up the story.

In a featured story about how the faith of Americans has changed since 9/11, quoted David O’Brien, University Professor of Faith and Culture.

Advice from psychology professor Jack Bauer on how to have meaningful reflection on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 was shared on nearly 100 websites, including CNBC, Yahoo! and Forbes. The Dayton Business Journal also printed his advice, and the Dayton Daily News quoted him in a story a week before 9/11 about how the attacks changed America.

English professor Jim Farrelly told The Christian Science Monitor the dictionary should be reserved for standard spoken English in an Aug. 25 story about new additions to Webster’s dictionary.

Local, regional and national media turned to geology professor Allen McGrew Aug. 24 for his insight on an earthquake that hit the U.S. east coast. McGrew told The Christian Science Monitor eastern earthquakes are hard to track because they leave little evidence behind. Cincinnati’s 700 WLW featured McGrew as a guest at noon, and Dayton’s WHIO-TV interviewed McGrew for its evening broadcasts.

History professor Larry Schweikart made headlines in July following the release of his latest book, The Patriot’s History Reader, a collection of America’s famous documents. Schweikart was interviewed by KGAB-AM in Wyoming, and the online news magazine Newsmax.

The Age, an Australian newspaper, quoted history professor John Heitmann in a June 16 story about the rebounding U.S. auto industry.

International Issues

Reuters news service sought out Michael Gorman, operations management professor, for a Jan. 13 story on the president of the Canadian National Railway. More then 45 outlets around the globe carried the story, including CNBC, Yahoo!, MSN Money and The Montreal Gazette.

Reuters quoted Gorman again June 29 about the head of the Canadian National Railway. The Chicago Tribune, among others, picked up the story.

Terrorism and human rights expert Ensalaco was a guest of CNN en Español’s “Directo USA” Jan. 9, to discuss U.S. and Latin America relations with Iran. CNN en Español airs in approximately 30 million homes in North and South America.

The New York Times quoted music professor Heather MacLachlan in a Jan. 4 story about the rise of a Burmese all-girl band and what it means for the country coming out of oppression and military rule.

MacLachlan gave interviews Dec. 2 to both NPR’s “All Things Considered” and Public Radio International’s “The World” about her research on Burma’s pop music industry to coincide with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit to Burma. The Wall Street Journal cited MacLachlan’s research in a Dec. 29 story about a punk rock band in Burma. The Rochester (N.Y.) Democrat and Chronicle quoted MacLachlan in a Dec. 10 story about a locally popular native Burmese dance.

USA Today feature Dec. 8 quoted history professor Larry Schweikart about a new history book critical of the Iraq War.

Ensalaco returned to "Directo USA" Nov. 21, discussing a New York City bomb plot.

When Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi died, Mark Ensalaco, human rights studies director, talked to CNN en Español’s “Directo USA,” which is seen in nearly 30 million homes in North and South America. Ensalaco also talked to local and regional media including WLW-AM, the Dayton Daily News and all three Dayton television outlets.

Mark Ensalaco, associate political science professor and director of the human rights studies program, appeared on CNN en Español’s “Directo USA” Sept. 30 to discuss the killing of American al-Qaida member Anwar al-Awlaki.

Reuters ran an op-ed by Ensalaco on Aug. 23 about the U.S.-Libya relationship. Ensalaco also talked to 700 WLW in Cincinnati about Libya.

The Columbus Dispatch quoted former Ohio Governor Bob Taft, now a distinguished research associate in the School of Education and Allied Professions, in a story April 10 about a gift of cherry trees to Ohio from Japan.

Ensalaco talked to WLW-AM in Cincinnati March 13 about the shootings of Afghan civilians by an American soldier. 

Ensalaco talked to WLW-AM in Cincinnati Feb. 22 about the burning of a Quran in Afghanistan.

Community and Economic Development

Hivelocity quoted Tom Lasley, education professor and executive director of Learn to Earn Dayton, in a June 28 story about bringing young professionals to Dayton.

Richard Stock, director of the Business Research Group, was quoted by Bloomberg News May 9 in a story on the slow rebound of the middle class from the recession.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution quoted physics professor Bob Brecha April 2 about the social and economic concerns of clean, renewable energy initiatives.

The criminal justice studies program’s Tim Apolito discussed public safety spending Feb. 19 with The Columbus Dispatch

The BBC’s "Newsnight" included an interview with Business Research Group Director Richard Stock in an in-depth story on Ohio’s struggling economy.

Seth Leitman, the "Green Living Guy," a blogger with a national following, noted Kelly Kissock, chair of mechanical and aerospace engineering and clean and renewable energy programs, was named a "champion of energy efficiency."


The Wall Street Journal quoted associate law professor Thaddeus Hoffmeister in an April 20 story about racial bias in jury selection.

The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog quoted Hoffmeister about tactics used by judges to discourage people from avoiding jury duty. 

On Feb. 1, CBS Marketwatch wrote about associate law professor Jeannette Cox’s research looking into the Americans with Disabilities Act including conditions associated with pregnancy being covered by the act. The Huffington Post also mentioned it Feb. 8.

The Associated Press quoted law professor Charlie Hallinan in a story about Ohio’s redistricting map. At least 17 outlets in Ohio, West Virginia and Indiana picked up the story.

The National Law Journal quoted School of Law Dean Paul McGreal in a story Aug. 22 about law school reform. Texas Lawyer also ran the story. tapped bankruptcy law expert and law professor Jeff Morris Aug. 23 and 24 for a Q&A about how the Bernie Madoff case will affect the owners of the New York Mets, who invested millions with Madoff. invited Hoffmeister, associate profes­sor of law and juries expert, to write about how popular television crime programs such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation may be creating unreasonable expectations about evidence in the minds of jurors. Hoffmeister’s opinion piece “Did ‘CSI’ effect sway Anthony jury?” ran July 7, just days after a Florida jury acquitted Casey Anthony in her daughter’s death. averages nearly 4 million page views per day.

The Palm Beach Post quoted Hoffmeister in a May 18 story about jurors conducting experiments outside of the courtroom. "To me, it's not a jury problem. It's a legal-system problem," he said.

Law professor and bankruptcy expert Jeff Morris talked to the (Fort Worth) Star-Telegram April 25 about American Airlines' bankruptcy case.

Law professor Jeff Morris talked to the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram Jan. 19 about American Airlines’ bankruptcy.

The Associated Press quoted Hoffmeister in November about the impact of a juror omitting information during jury selection that might affect a high-profile Chicago extortion case.

Network World referenced law professor Susan Brenner’s article “Fourth Amendment’s Future if Gov’t Uses Virtual Force and Trojan Horse Warrants?” on Nov. 8 and Nov. 9 as part of a series.

The Los Angeles Times quoted Hoffmeister in an article about a judge’s decision to publicly release juror names in the Casey Anthony case.

The Star-Ledger in Newark, N.J., talked to Hoffmeister for a story about how the tough economy is making jury selection more difficult.

McGreal talked to the Voice of America about a U.S. Supreme Court decision on violence in video games. The interview was featured online and broadcast through the VOA network of more than 1,200 local radio and television stations worldwide. The Voice of America reaches an estimated audience of 125 million weekly by radio, television and Internet in 44 languages.

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