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Dayton-Area Media

Dayton-area news media took notice and frequently covered the University of Dayton’s remarkable growth, contributions to the region’s economy and the key role it plays in creating opportunities for job growth and new business.

In addition, local media called upon University faculty experts to comment on breaking news stories, emerging trends and issues that affect the everyday life of people in the Miami Valley.

Broadcast, print and online outlets also reported on University of Dayton students and their tradition of service to the community – in classrooms, neighborhoods and on the river.

The Dayton area ranks No. 62 of the top-100 U.S. media markets — many national stories and experts are local stories first — and the University is proud that regional media outlets prominently showcase our stories and our people.

Multiple Outlets

June 28: When the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision on the Affordable Care Act, experts commented on the decision in local media. School of Law Dean Paul McGreal talked to ABC22/Fox45 and WHIO-TV; political science chair Jason Pierce talked to WHIO-TV; and political science lecturer Dan Birdsong talked to the Dayton Business Journal about the decision's political implications.

June 27: The Dayton Daily News and WDTN-TV reported June 27 on the national award-winning, energy-saving app created by two engineering graduate students.

June 18: The appointment of a director for the University's proposed physician assistant program drew coverage from the Dayton Daily NewsChannel 2 and Fox 45/ABC 22.

Late April: The University's summer construction plans were covered by WHIO-TV, Dayton Business Journal, Dayton Daily News, ABC22/Fox 45 and WDTN-TV.

March 29: The annual River Summit received significant local coverage, with reports by WVXU-FM, WDTN-TV, WHIO-TV and two Dayton Daily News stories.

Feb. 6: Research on the marketing of McDonald’s McRib by Serdar Durmusoglu, assistant marketing professor, was reported in the Dayton Daily News and Dayton Business Journal.

Feb: The Dayton Daily News and the Dayton Business Journal wrote about the lineup of speakers for the R.I.S.E. XII investment forum. More than 250 news outlets picked up a PR Newswire release about R.I.S.E. XII.

Jan. 14: Kathy McEuen Harmon, assistant vice president and dean of admission and financial aid, talked to the Dayton Daily News about record-setting applications for the fall 2012 first-year class. The Catholic Beat also talked to Harmon for a story about the University's admission success.

Jan.: The Dayton Business Journal, WDTN-TV and the Dayton Daily News wrote about the University’s involvement in a $2.4 million foundation grant to help engineers learn how to contribute to the entrepreneurial cultures of their companies.

Nov.: The annual Nativity scene exhibit received extensive local promotion and coverage with several Dayton Daily News stories and opening day coverage by ABC 22/Fox 45.

Nov. 6: Dayton media covered the campus community’s grief about the deaths of two Chinese engineering students in an auto accident. Sing Tao Daily News, a Chinese-language newspaper with global reach, also reported the tragedy.

Sept.: The Dayton Business Journal wrote about the annual Business Plan Competition. WHIO-AM’s “Conversation Piece” invited assistant marketing professor Diane Sullivan to talk about the competition and entrepreneurship on the half-hour program.

Sept. 12: Richard Stock, director of the Business Research Group, talked to the Dayton Daily News and WHIO-TV about President Obama’s jobs bill.

Sept. 8: The Dayton Business Journal and the Dayton Daily News wrote about the University of Dayton’s annual Business Plan Competition.

Aug. 20: Move-in day for more than 2,000 first-year students on Aug. 20 was featured on WHIO-TV, WHIO-AM, WDTN-TV, ABC 22/Fox 45, the Dayton Daily News and the Dayton Business Journal.

Aug. 17: The Dayton Daily News and WDTN-TV reported on the River Stewards’ annual trip down the Great Miami River, focusing on the upcoming removal of the downtown low dam.

Aug. 13: The Dayton Daily News, WDTN-TV and ABC 22/Fox 45 covered the Aug. 13 celebration of two milestones for Br. Frank Deibel, S.M. — his 103rd birthday and 85th year as a Marianist.

July: The University’s commitment to the arts was highlighted in three local stories. Paul Benson, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, talked to the Dayton Daily News and WDTN-TV about the University’s partnerships with the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company and The Blue Sky Project.


June 26: Art Jipson, criminal justice studies program director, discussed competency hearings and insanity pleas.

June 19: Cardinal Turkson speaks at business conference.

June 7-8: Reunion Weekend.

April 12: The School of Business Administration's Faith and Work Breakfast.

Feb.: Caroline Merithew, associate history professor, about the history of Right-to-Work laws and the implications of Indiana's new law.

Dec. 15: Political science reporter Dan Birdsong about Ohio’s primary moving to March.


April 24: Geology professor Michael Sandy's walking tour of downtown Dayton.

April 3: Associate professor of marketing Randy Sparks quoted in story about "grocery store wars."

March 30: Law professor Harry Gerla about the validity of verbal contracts when people pool money on winning lottery tickets.

Feb. 28: Ted Kowalski, Kuntz Family Chair in Educational Administration, about how to prevent and respond to school shootings.

Feb. 22: Ash Wednesday and the University’s scheduled programs throughout Lent.

Jan. 17: Kelly Henrici, director of the School of Law’s Program in Law and Technology, about proposed federal legislation targeting online copyright and trademark infringement.

Jan. 17: Ebony Utley, University of Dayton Speaker Series guest, promoting her lecture.

Jan. 13: Conference on online learning sponsored by the School of Education and Allied Professions.

Jan.: Daniel J. Curran, president, was named one of the 10 most influential people of 2011.

ABC 22/Fox 45

July 11: Aviation history professor Janet Bednarek, who discussed the history of the space shuttle program and the future of space exploration on the morning of the shuttle’s return from its final mission.

May 24: Rochonda Nenonene, Urban Teacher Academy director and Branden Johnson, sophomore, on attracting African-American men to teaching careers.

Dayton Daily News

June 1: Daniel Speed Thompson named new chair of religious studies.
June 2: Chuck Whalen Lane dedication.
June 9: Dave Salisbury, associate MIS professor, Teradata's position in the data market.

June 11: Don Pozella, associate dean in College of Arts and Sciences, NEA research grant.

June 11: Janet Greenlee, associate accounting professor, national award.

June 12: Tom Hunt, education professor, new book on faith-based education.

June 14: Grant Neeley, associate political science professor, Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama campaigning in Ohio at the same time.

June 15: Kathy Harmon, assistant vice president and dean of admission and financial aid, rising investments in financial aid.

June 18: Bob Stoughton, Tom Lasley quoted on decline in jobs for teens.

June 19: Richard Stock, Business Research Center director, local high-paying jobs.

June 21: Joe Saliba, provost, economic development delegation to Turkey.

June 23: Shauna Adams, associate professor of early childhood development, when children should start kindergarten.

June 24: Pamela Laufer-Ukeles, associate law professor, birthing center policies.

June 25: Sandra Yocum, associate religious studies professor, Vatican crackdown on nuns.

June 26: Dayton Early College Academy's new elementary school.

June 30: Tom Hagel, law professor, court caseloads.

May 1: Graduation ceremonies. 

May 3: Daniel J. Curran, president, on the University's expected enrollment surge for fall. 

May 5: Keri Brown Kirschman, assistant psychology professor, on toy safety. 

May 7: Tom Burkhardt, vice president for finance and administrative services, on summer construction on campus.    

May 8: Tom Hagel, law professor, on red light cameras.

May 10: Rick Perales, campus planning and real estate director, on cleaning up land for future development along Stewart Street. 

May 11: Amy Anderson, Center for International Programs director, on drawing international students to Dayton.

May 11: Dayton Early College Academy earned a bronze star in U.S. News & World Report’s annual list of America’s best high schools.

May 12: Ted Kowalski, Kuntz Family Chair in Educational Administration, on high turnover of public school superintendents. 

May 14: Tom Skill, associate provost and CIO, on network upgrades to handle increased student demand for Wi-Fi. 

May 14: School of Law cyber symposium.

May 17: Tom Hagel, law professor, on the trial of former local SCLC Director Raleigh Trammel.

May 17: $10 million renovation of Founders Hall.

May 18: Mark Ensalaco, human rights studies program research director, on human trafficking.

May 20: Tom Hagel, law professor, on plea bargains.

May 21: Jason Eckert, career services director, on women's growing salary expectations. 

May 25: School of Education and Allied Professions moving its education leadership and counseling programs from Capital University to Dublin, Ohio. Also featured in Dayton Business Journal and Columbus Business First.

May 27: Serdar Durmusoglu, assistant marketing professor, on the growth of dollar store retailers. 

May 28: Angela Isenbart '12, on life as a military spouse. 

May 29: Political science department's Statehouse Internship Program. 

April 3: $1.8 million gift to Hanley Trading Center.

April 3: Serdar Durmusoglu, assistant professor of marketing, in a story about Burger King revamping its menu.

April 5: Career Services Director Jason Eckert quoted about the current job market for graduates.

April 6: Arts Series coordinator Eileen Carr discussed upcoming performance by SO Percussion.

April 7: Sister Angela Ann Zukowski, director of the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives, shared her Holy Land pilgrimage experience for an Easter special.

April 8: Law professor Jim Durham quoted in story about townships using an economic development tax to raise revenue.

April 11: Business Plan Competition winner named.

April 11: Richard Stock, Business Research Group director, quoted about two years of job growth in Dayton.

April 11: Associate law professor Eric Chaffee discussed Kodak's bankruptcy case.

April 13: Celebration of the Arts preview.

April 17: Richard Stock quoted about Ohio income tax revenues.

April 19: Q&A with Rivers Institute coordinator Leslie King.

April 20: Feature on Stander Symposium keynote speaker.

April 20: Art Jipson, associate professor of sociology, commented on local case of student having sex with classmate.

April 21: Tom Skill, associate provost and CIO, quoted about companies blocking access to streaming video sites.

April 24: Geology professor Michael Sandy's walking tour of downtown Dayton.

April 25: Education professor Thomas J. Lasley II on Ohio education reform.

April 30: Winner of $40,000 scholarship video contest named.

March 4: Vince Miller, Gudorf Chair in Catholic Theology and Culture, about the University's role in Catholic Relief Services' Scholars in Global Solidarity program.

March 4: Political science lecturer Tony Talbott about human trafficking.

March 8: Law professor and bankruptcy expert Jeff Morris about a company that withheld information from shareholders.

March 16: Raúl Ordóñez, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering and manager of the Motoman Robotics Lab, about demand for students skilled in robotics.

March 17: Charlie Russo, Panzer Chair in Education and adjunct professor of law, about an examination of homeschooling following the death of a Dayton girl.

March 19: Kathy McEuen Harmon, assistant vice president and dean of admission and financial aid, about Stafford Loans.

March 24: Program director Darrell Anderson previewed theatre department's spring play.

March 29: Engineering students' involvement in "Wheels for Kids" to refurbish bikes to Dayton schoolchildren.

March 29: Law professor Rich Saphire about the Supreme Court case about the federal healthcare plan.

March 29: Two stories on the annual River Summit.

March 30: Physics professor Bob Brecha, an op-ed about new EPA standards to reduce the number of coal plants.

Feb. 1: Education professor Thomas J. Lasley II about Ohio’s high grade on STEM education.

Feb. 3: Art Jipson, associate sociology professor, about the growing number of women who carry concealed weapons.

Feb. 5: Ruth Thompson-Miller, assistant sociology professor, about a new study about integration. 

Feb. 6: Update on plans for Old River.

Feb. 8: Kevin Kelly, dean of the School of Education and Allied Professions, about science and math teachers and the Woodrow Wilson Ohio Teaching Fellowship program.

Feb. 16: Serdar Durmusoglu, assistant marketing professor, about retail sales trends.

Feb. 19: Richard Stock, director of the University’s Business Research Group, about the economics of “racinos,” a combination of a racetrack and casino.

Feb. 23: Caroline Merithew, assistant history professor, about right-to-work laws. 

Feb. 23: History professor John Heitmann about technology-loaded cars and how automakers hope to attract young drivers.

Feb. 25: Dennis Doyle, religious studies professor, and Jack Bauer, associate psychology professor, about Lent.

Jan.: History professor Larry Schweikart's local film company and his successful books on American history.

Jan.: Panzer Chair in Education and adjunct law professor Charles Russo about a proposed law to eliminate the retirement practice of "double-dipping."

Jan.: Assistant sociology professor Jamie Longazel about a change to U.S. immigration policy that would allow some undocumented immigrants to stay in the U.S. while applying for a green card.

Jan. 1 and 23: Richard Stock, regional economy expert, about the region's economy and jobs outlook.

Jan. 19: ArtStreet’s Friday Night Films series.

Jan. 21: Serdar Durmusoglu, assistant marketing professor, about the new Austin Landing retail and restaurant development.

Jan. 23: Jeanne Holcomb, sociology lecturer, about why the number of marriages are dropping both in the region and nationally.

Dec.: Sandra Yocum, chair of religious studies, about how families with mixed faith traditions navigate the holidays for a story that ran Christmas Day.

Dec. 7: Joy Comingore, clinical administrator for the Bombeck Center, about how to instill a sense of giving back in young children.

Dec. 9: Unique “house of bread” crèche; Talked to the Rev. Johann Roten, S.M., director of research and special projects for the Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute.

Dec. 10: Michael Gorman, professor of operations management, about a company’s decision to discontinue communications by email.

Dec. 17: Political science professor Nancy Martorano Miller about a wealth of candidates running for the Ohio General Assembly.

Dec. 19: Political science lecturer Dan Birdsong about Gov. John Kasich’s approval rating. 

Dec. 21: Irene Dickey, marketing instructor, about marketing strategies consumers might encounter during the holiday shopping season.

Nov.: Law professor Charles Hallinan about Ohio communities billing non-residents for the cost of emergency responders to accidents

Nov. 30: Charles Russo, Panzer Chair in Education, about homeschooling laws related to the starvation death of a local girl.

Oct. 21: Adjunct geology professor Heidi McGrew about her sand art and the intersection of art and science.

Sept.: University’s rapid growth in international admissions.

Sept: Amy Lopez-Matthews, director of student life and Kennedy Union, about restrictions on marketing credit cards to students.

Sept.: Patricia Johnson, Alumni Chair in Humanities, and Janet Greenlee, associate accounting professor, about a Dayton-area widow who lost thousands of dollars through fraud.

Sept. 3: Shawn Cassiman, assistant professor of social work, about the digital divide.

Sept. 5: Shawn Cassiman, assistant professor of social work, about the effect of rising housing costs on low-income families.

Sept. 12: Sundar Kumarasamy, vice president for enrollment management, about the University’s recruiting success and strategy.

Sept. 15: Associate political science professor Grant Neeley about a law prohibiting public employees from being active in political parties.

Sept. 18: University’s Arts Series, which is celebrating its 50th season.

Sept. 22: Four-day, regional science festival quoted education professor and festival co-chair Thomas J. Lasley, who said STEM education is critical to the local economy. 

Aug.: Jennifer Dalton, dietitian and director of the Didactic Program in Dietetics, about how to prepare quick, healthy breakfasts.

Aug. 1: Physical therapy professor Mary Fisher for a feature on the benefits of good posture and how to maintain good posture while seated at a desk all day.

Aug. 20: Richard Stock, director of the Business Research Group, about the region’s economic picture.

Aug. 22: Sociology professor Linda Majka about census data on same-sex couples.

July 20: Tracy Harmon, assistant marketing professor, about marketing of the Dayton air show.

July 23: Harmon, about the effectiveness of new, graphic anti-smoking warnings.

July 26: Melissa Flanagan, assistant director of new student programs, about shopping and packing for college move-in.

Dayton Business Journal

June 6: Janet Greenlee, national award.

Feb. 23: University of Dayton China Institute. 

Feb.: Trends in graduate engineering enrollment, also picked up by the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Feb.: Sundar Kumarasamy, vice president for enrollment management and marketing, about a new, highly interactive iPad app of the annual viewbook for prospective students. The Business Journals network picked up the story. A PR Newswire release was seen on more than 200 outlets.

Jan.: Winners of the first stage of the Business Plan Competition.

Sept. 20: University’s entrepreneurship program earning a top-15 national ranking for the sixth-straight year.

Sept. 23: Renovations at Virginia W. Kettering Residence Hall that will transform the dining hall into two distinctive restaurants.

July 11: International honor for Donna Street, Mahrt Chair in Accounting.

July 31: David Wright, director of curriculum innovation and e-learning, about new ways the University will be using technology in the classroom.

Dayton City Paper

April 10: Eileen Carr, upcoming performance by SO Percussion.

Dayton Most Metro

Sept. 15: New art project downtown by University of Dayton students in the Rivers Institute.

Middletown Journal

June 5: Angela Dicke, Transition to Teaching coordinator, substitute teacher pay.

The Catholic Telegraph

June 8: Chuck Whalen Lane dedication.

Yellow Springs News

May 17: Physics professor Bob Brecha, environmental impact of using wind energy.

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