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Dayton-Area Media

Dayton-area news media took notice and frequently covered the University of Dayton’s remarkable growth, contributions to the region’s economy and the key role it plays in creating opportunities for job growth and new business during the 2012-13 academic year.

In addition, local media called upon University faculty experts to comment on breaking news stories, emerging trends and issues that affect the everyday life of people in the Miami Valley.

Broadcast, print and online outlets also reported on University of Dayton students and their tradition of service to the community – in classrooms, neighborhoods and on the river.

The Dayton area ranks No. 62 of the top-100 U.S. media markets — many national stories and experts are local stories first — and the University is proud that regional media outlets prominently showcase our stories and our people.

Multiple Outlets

The Dayton Daily News and the Dayton Business Journal reported on the University of Dayton Business Plan Competition winners April 11. Competition coordinator and assistant management professor Diane Sullivan was featured in a Dayton Business Journal Q&A on entrepreneurship, did a live WDTN-TV "Living Dayton" appearance and talked to the Dayton Daily News April 28 about women entrepreneurs.

WHIO-TV, the Dayton Daily News and Dayton Business Journal reported a state initiative to create regional jobs will include the University-led Institute for Development and Commercialization of Advanced Sensor Technology (IDCAST).

WHIO-TV, WDTN-TV and the Dayton Daily News covered the career fair.

Several local media outlets featured the new RiverMobile. WYSO, WHIO-TV, WDTN-TV and the Dayton Daily News all covered the unveiling at the annual River Summit.

Events to celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. at the University received significant local coverage: 
Jan. 15:
 Daria Graham, associate director in Office of Multicultural Affairs, previewed events on WDTN's "Living Dayton."
Jan. 15:
 WDTN covered the kick-off in Torch Lounge and promoted the entire week's events.
Jan. 16:
 The Dayton Daily News previewed the keynote address by Eboo Patel.
Jan. 18:
 WHIO featured students at ArtStreet creating art for display at Humanities Plaza. They also promoted the Friday night music and dance event.
Jan. 20:
 WYSO also interviewed multicultural affairs grad assistant Chase Jones about the events.

An exhibit at the University of Dayton by visiting artist Jud Yalkut earned significant local media attention. Yalkut was a guest on the Fox 45 morning show Jan. 30, and on WYSO-FM Jan. 27. The Dayton City Paper, PBS-TV and WDPR-FM also featured stories.

Roesch Library's annual Nativity exhibit and grand opening drew numerous stories from nearly all the local media outlets. The Dayton Daily News, WHIO-TV, ABC 22/Fox 45 and The Catholic Telegraph carried stories. WDTN's Bucher's Beat did a feature interview with Dean of Libraries Kathy Webb.

WDTN-TV and Dayton Business Journal reported Nov. 26 on the University’s partnership with the Miami Conservancy District to extend a bike path along the river to the softball field.

ABC 22/Fox 45 and WDTN-TV on Nov. 27 talked to Connie Bowman, teacher education department chair, about student-teacher relationships.

The Dayton Daily NewsCatholic Telegraph, WHIO-TV, WDTN-TV and ABC22/Fox 45 and the Catholic Beat carried stories about the annual open house and Nativity exhibit at Roesch Library.

WDTN and ABC 22/Fox 45 interviewed students at ArtStreet Nov. 26 who were creating art for victims of sex trafficking.

The Dayton Daily News and the Dayton Business Journal each reported Oct. 24 on a NASA $1 million joint grant awarded to assistant geology professor Umesh Haritashya to study Himalayan glaciers.

The Dayton Business Journal, WDTN-TV and WHIO-TV covered the record-breaking fall career fair.

The Dayton Business Journal and WDTN-TV reported on a University-sponsored debate between the chairs of Ohio's two major political parties.

Dayton Daily News, Dayton Business Journal, WDTN-TV and WHIO-TV reported on the University's record-breaking first-year class and came to campus on move-in day Aug. 18.

WDTN-TV, WHIO-TV, ABC22/Fox 45 and the Dayton Daily News talked to Beth Keyes, vice president for research, and students about the brand-new Caldwell Street Apartments.


May 15: Physician’s assistant program approved.

April 12: City Links. Clip 1Clip 2

March 3: WHIO radio on RISE.

Feb. 7: Jason Eckert, career services, digital image can impair job hunt.

Feb. 11: Peggy DesAutels, medical ethics.

Feb. 24: WHIO Reports on RISE.

Dec. 3: Statehouse Civic Scholars Program.

July 17: School of Engineering STEM Summer Bridge Program.


June 20: Biology professor Madhuri Kango-Singh, research on Alzheimer's disease using fruit flies.

May 3: Career Services Director Jason Eckert and a senior in a story about alumni mentoring program.

May 3: Jason Eckert, director of career services, graduation and the job market.

May 3: Blake Eilers, law school graduate, his journey battling cancer to get to graduation.

May 7: Barbara De Luca, associate dean for graduate education and research, about history of school levies in Ohio.

May 8: RiverMobile featured at Children's Water Festival.

May 9: Tony Talbott, political science lecturer, Cleveland kidnapping case.

May 20: Feature on DECA and UD grad Hadil Issa.

April 4: Tony Talbott, political science lecturer, North Korea.

April 9: Savings Race student coming to the University of Dayton.

April 15: Wheels for Kids.

April 19: 1World event at ArtStreet.

April 29: Tom Hagel, law professor, courtroom decorum.

March 7-8: Leslie Picca and Erin Peery, Consciousness Rising.

March 13: Jayne Robinson, biology professor, on baking angel food cake.

March 22: River Stewards featured on morning show to discuss RiverMobile.

March 26: Assistant geology professor Shuang-Ye Wu about likelihood of future floods in region.

March 27: Feature of "Hope on a Hill" library exhibit on the 1913 flood.

Feb. 6: Coverage of the Date Safe Project.

Feb. 15: Nichole Rustad, Roesch Library, 1913 flood exhibit.

Feb. 18: Associate professor of business David Salisbury about privacy with online photos.

Jan. 17: Charles Russo about arming teachers in schools.

Jan. 22: Bev Jenkins, enrollment management, succeeding in college. 

Jan. 25: Andrea Seielstad, law students working with Miami Valley Fair Housing.

Dec. 21: Kathy Scheltens, director of the pre-med program, and student Casey Walk, Winter BreakOut trip to Panama.

Nov. 7: Julie Mitchell, assistant dean of continuing education and special programs, on Living Dayton discussing the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

Nov. 15: Students in story about homelessness awareness.

Oct. 9: Richard Saphire, law professor, early voting.

Oct. 10: University observance of Fire Prevention Week

Sept. 6: Student Lauren Eylise, Downtown Dayton revival concert.

Aug. 10: Tom Hagel, law professor, court bonds.

Aug. 14: Richard Saphire, law professor, early voting.

Aug. 23: Vijay Asari, Ohio Research Scholar in wide-area surveillance in the School of Engineering, Vision Lab research.

Aug. 27: Alex Morgan, UDRI senior research scientist, work on fire retardant materials.

ABC 22/Fox 45

April 8: Morning show previewed Celebration of the Arts. Clip 1Clip 2Clip 3.

April 13: Wheels for Kids.

April 24: Art Jipson, associate professor of sociology, social media trends.

March 7: Jipson, social media passwords.

Feb. 11: Lenten challenge

Feb. 20: Art Jipson, director of criminal justice studies, Facebook safety.

Jan. 5: Center for Social Concern, Panama Brigade.

Jan. 9: Rob Durkle, enrollment management, on social media and applying for college.

Dec. 4: Dennis Greene, law professor, cyber-bullying.

Dec. 18: Art Jipson, chair of the criminal justice studies program, Internet threats.

Nov. 27: Kelly Henrici, director of the Program in Law and Technology, Facebook copyright hoax.

Aug. 30: Vijay Asari, Ohio Research Scholar in wide-area surveillance in the School of Engineering, Vision Lab research.

Dayton Daily News

June 9: Vince Miller, CRS Scholars in Global Solidarity trip to Brazil.

June 17: UD graduates stay in Dayton. 

May 1: History professor John Heitmann about auto workers and right-to-work laws.

May 19: Serdar Durmusoglu, assistant marketing professor, effect of crime on Dayton Mall

May 10: Counseling center psychologist Matthew Heiner about Cleveland kidnapping victims.

May 19: Political science lecturer Dan Birdsong about gay marriage ballot initiative in Ohio.

May 20: Sundar Kumarasamy, enrollment management and marketing, outlook for incoming first-year class.

May 21: Net-price tuition plan in story on Ohio tuition costs.

May 23: Thaddeus Hoffmeister, associate law professor, privacy online as it relates to court cases.

May 29: Serdar Durmusoglu, effect of new retail center in Centerville.

April 1: Deo Eustace, associate professor of civil engineering, traffic patterns.

April 2: Preview of Celebration of the Arts.

April 8: Richard Stock, Business Research Group director, local economy.

April 11: Diane Sullivan, assistant management professor, business plan competition.

April 28: Bob Chelle, Crotty Center director, cupcake wars.

March 2: Security cameras on campuses.

March 4: School of Law, video surveillance event.

March 6: Panzer Chair in Education Charlie Russo about guns on college campuses.

March 7: David Kudla, RISE executive director, stock market historic high.

March 8: Dan Thompson, associate professor and chair of religious studies, about religious education at local colleges.

March 11: University of Dayton Research Institute president John Leland about how sequestration will affect the local economy.

March 11: Kathy Harmon, enrollment management, sequester impact on work-study.

March 11: Lisa Buetel, Center for Leadership, working from home.

March 15: Serdar Durmusoglu, customer service survey.

March 16: Nicholas Kristof speaks about human trafficking.

March 18: Rob Durkle, enrollment management, new college cost tools.

March 21: Russo on teacher misconduct accusations in Ohio.

March 23: Visual arts professor Sean Wilkinson in story about his art exhibit.

March 25: History professor Paul Morman in story of survivor of 1913 Dayton flood.

March 26: Morman about history of 1913 Dayton flood.

March 28: Richard Stock, Business Research Group, on local economy.

March 30: Preview of LitFest

Feb. 13: Feature story on student Nick Fister, piano phenom.

Feb. 14: Physical therapist and neurology coordinator Kurt Jackson's research featured in story about health benefits of kickboxing.

Feb. 15: Associate geology professor Andrea Koziol in story about local meteorite.

Feb. 17: Political science lecturer Dan Birdsong about Gov. Kasich's first two years.

Feb. 19: Health and sports science lecturer Gerry Gallo about women's weight training.

Feb. 21: Heinz Robota, Ohio Research Scholar in alternative fuels and the Research Institute's alternative fuels synthesis group leader.

Feb. 21: Richard Saphire, law school, woman fired for voting for Obama.

Feb. 23: English department lecturer Alex Macleod about link between Oscar Pistorius and King Richard's bones.

Jan. 2: Natalie Hudson, human rights studies director, on Russian adoptions.

Jan. 4: Carl Chen, William J. Hoben Chair in Finance, on the 2012 stock market. 

Jan. 12: SOEAP Dean Kevin Kelly about state report on teacher education performance.

Jan. 13: Teacher education professor Tom Lasley about private and public school test scores.

Jan. 13: Jana Bennett and Art Jipson, on how social media affected an Ohio rape case. 

Jan. 13: Molly Schaller, counselor education, on the sophomore experience. 

Jan. 14: Eric Chaffee, law, on securities implications of crowdsourcing. Dec. 2: Kevin Hallinan, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, energy savings.

Dec. 2: Dan Birdsong, political science, voting trends.

Dec. 4: Statehouse Civic Scholars Program.

Dec. 10: Affordable Care Act.

Dec. 18: Gerry Gallo, health and sport science, on 2013 fitness trends.

Dec. 29: Fr. Johann Roten, Marian Library, on Mirror of Hope.

Nov. 17: Alan Demmitt, associate professor of school counseling and human services, about encouraging gratitude in children.

Nov. 20: Thomas J. Lasley II, education professor, about the link between education and the local economy.

Nov. 23: Art Jipson, associate sociology professor, Facebook.

Nov. 27: Thaddeus Hoffmeister, associate law professor, military personnel records. 

Oct. 3: Jason Eckert, career services director, on career counselors and finding a job.

Oct. 7: Larry Schweikart, history professor, Ohio’s connection to the political allegory in The Wizard of Oz.

Oct. 17: Joe Valenzano, assistant communication professor, improving public speaking skills.

Oct. 19: Teresa Thompson, communication professor, how to talk to your doctor.

Sept. 1: Nancy Martorano Miller, associate political science professor, on voter excitement and the Democratic National Convention.

Sept. 4: Nancy Martorano Miller, about Democratic Party support for same-sex marriage.

Sept. 10: Eric Chaffee, associate law professor and chair of the School of Law’s Project for Law and Business Ethics, about Kodak’s plan to slash 1,000 jobs.

Sept. 15: Dan Birdsong, political science lecturer, and Richard Stock, Business Research Group, Ohio's role in the 2012 election.

Sept. 16: DECA superintendent Judy Hennessey about charter school quality in the Miami Valley.

Sept. 17: Art Jipson, sociologist and director of criminal justice studies, and Tim Apolito, criminal justice studies coordinator of community relations, cold cases and family reactions to unsolved cases.

Sept. 17: Muslim women thriving at Catholic colleges.

Sept. 21: Shawn Cassiman, assistant professor of social work, banking trends for low-income people.

Sept. 23: Nancy Martorano Miller, Obama campaign outreach to women.

Sept. 29: Jamie Leaver and Daniel Rajaiah, student presidents of the University's College Republicans and College Democrats, respectively, student enthusiasm in the presidential election.

Aug. 4: Kevin Hallinan, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, and Kurt Hoffmann, environmental sustainability manager, water conservation.

Aug. 4: Welcome ArtStreet’s new director, Brian LaDuca.

Aug. 11: Business Research Group Director Richard Stock about the effect of automatic federal budget cuts on military jobs in Ohio.

Aug. 18: Stock and Birdsong in story about economy’s role in Ohio Senate race. Aug. 18: Neeley in story about Congress pushing for weapons Pentagon didn’t want.

Aug. 19: Bill Beglin, UDRI researcher, future of space exploration.

Aug. 19: UDRI, SMART sensor technology

Aug. 20: Richard Saphire, law professor, early voting.

Aug. 25: King James Bible exhibit opens at Roesch Library.

Aug. 30: Grad student Renee Beach, National Science Foundation grant.

July 1: Marian Library exhibit

July 2: Dan Birdsong on the tea party in Ohio

July 7: Shawn Cassiman on declining Ohio household income

July 8: Jim Durham on legal ethics

July 8: Mickey McCabe on the biofuel industry

July 12: Tom Lasley, Ohio's increasing graduation rate

July 14: Richard Saphire on free speech on college campuses

July 15: Tom Lasley on state action against a tutoring program

July 18: School of Engineering STEM Summer Bridge Program

July 24: Kathy Harmon on federal financial aid forms

Dayton Business Journal

June 3: School of Law, Program in Law and Technology seminar.

June 4: Irving Commons purchase. 

May 3: Lisa Beutel, director of the Center for Leadership, Q&A on leadership.

May 6: Center for Leadership, high-profile testimonial of center and upcoming programs.

May 13: Jason Eckert, director of career services, about strengthening job market.

May 17: PA Program approved, renovating CPC.

May 22: Sundar Kumarasamy, enrollment outlook

May 31: Paul McGreal, School of Law dean, Q&A.

April 19: Education professor Thomas Lasley op-ed about need for education reform.

Dec. 12: Business Plan Competition finalists.

Oct. 26: Alum Bill Klyn to keynote Business as a Calling Seminar.

Aug. 3 International students boost local economy.

Aug. 3 Schools focus on business partnerships.

Aug. 20 UD welcomes largest class in history Aug. 24: Elias Toubia, Navy hovercraft ramp research.

Aug. 31: Dining services director Paula Smith about food service trucks on college campuses.

Aug. 31 Business Plan competition opens.

July: University gets $1.37 million grant for Upward Bound.

July 17: School of Engineering STEM Summer Bridge Program.

Dayton City Paper

April 2: Celebration of the Arts and Stander Symposium.

Oct. 9: Preview of Arts Series event with Promusic Chamber Orchestra.

The Catholic Telegraph

Oct. 2: Theo and Linda Majka, sociology professors, refugees resettling in southwest Ohio.


June 14: Thaddeus Hoffmeister, Cyber surveillance. 

Nov. 2: Paul Piechota, director, School of Engineering's Center for Competitive Change, Air Force contract.

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