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Election Experts in the News

From the economy to campaign advertising, from Catholic social teaching to polling and Ohio's swing state status, our faculty and students shared their passions and expertise with the world during the 2012 election.

Major media outlets including CNN, The Wall Street Journal and The Hill published commentary from faculty on how Catholic teaching should influence budget debates and how former Gov. Mitt Romney should appeal to a civil religion to connect with voters. Other national media outlets quoting faculty included: National Public Radio, The New York Post, The Associated Press and the Los Angeles Times.

Faculty most often quoted included Dan Birdsong, political science lecturer; Vincent Miller, Gudorf Chair in Catholic Theology and Culture; Grant Neeley, associate political science professor; Richard Stock, director of the Business Research Group and Joe Valenzano, assistant communication professor.

Leading international news outlets including the BBC, ABC Australia, Mispacha (Israel), Correio Braziliense and France 24 tapped political scientists for insights into the American political system and what issues the world should be watching throughout the campaign.

More than 150 unique stories and interviews included faculty, staff and students, with nearly half in media outside of Ohio.

For a complete list of election-related stories featuring the University’s faculty or students, click here.

Here are some election highlights:

Two days after the election, Vince Miller, Gudorf Chair of Catholic Theology and Culture, wrote an opinion piece for CNN’s Belief Blog about how Catholic bishops’ involvement in politics may have damaged their authority. 

National Public Radio also interviewed Miller Oct. 15 on the differing faces of Catholicism presented by the two vice presidential candidates.  

NPR interviewed senior Daniel Rajaiah, president of College Democrats of Ohio, Oct. 3 about what he would like to ask the presidential candidates in their first debate.

The Daily Caller on Oct. 5 and The Associated Press on Oct. 22 featured analysis by history professor Larry Schweikart about trends in absentee ballot requests in Ohio. Hundreds of outlets picked up the AP story.

Religion News Service cited blog posts by associate professors of religious studies Jana Bennett and Kelly Johnson in an Oct. 23 story about Christians abstaining from voting.

CNN's “In America” blog quoted history professor Larry Schweikart in a Nov. 1 story about race, identity and politics in America's history.

The Associated Press quoted history professor John Heitmann in a story Nov. 11 about Mitt Romney's failure to overcome his opposition to the auto bailout in Ohio. Hundreds of outlets picked up the story, including The New York Times.

ABC (Australia) radio interviewed assistant professor of political science Joshua Ambrosius Nov. 14 about analysis he did of urban voters and why they voted overwhelmingly for Obama.

Popoli, an Italian-language outlet that focuses on religion, published an opinion piece by Miller.

Radio Free Europe (Russian) quoted political science lecturer Daniel Birdsong in a Sept. 14 story about the U.S. elections.

Reuters quoted Birdsong Sept. 23 about the Obama campaign capitalizing on hidden camera remarks Mitt Romney made at a fundraiser.

The Arizona Republic quoted Birdsong Sept. 24 about media coverage in the presidential election.

Former Ohio Gov. Bob Taft, distinguished research associate, was a guest on the ABC (Australia) program "Planet America" Sept. 21 discussing the importance of Ohio in the U.S. presidential election.

The New York Times invited Jana Bennett, associate professor of religious studies, to participate in a live Google+ Hangout conversation Sept. 4 about bipartisanship.

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