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From Catholic issues to the courtroom, University of Dayton experts were tapped for their expertise on some of the hottest topics and biggest news of the 2013-14 academic year.

Culture and Society

History professor John Heitmann is quoted in a June 3 Quartz story about an upcoming race featuring electric-only race cars. 

The Civitas Media group ran a story in many of its papers in Ohio and North Carolina about the death of the three-sport athlete that quoted sport science lecturer Gerry Gallo.

Bloomberg Businessweek quoted Heitmann in a story April 10 about cultural changes leading to the decline of the convertible.

WCPO-TV in Cincinnati picked up a WHIO-TV story from Feb. 24 with comments from criminal justice studies program director Art Jipson about gang initiation. The story was about a shooting in Dayton that police believe is gang violence.

Pacific Standard quoted Heitmann in a Feb. 3 story about adding a "sorry signal" to cars for drivers to apologize to each other.

BusinessWeek also quoted Heitmann in a Feb. 6 story about using wood in auto manufacturing.

C-SPAN BookTV featured a segment with history professor and author Larry Schweikart in January at a local Books & Company to promote his book A Patriot’s History of the Modern World Vol. II.

C-Span Cities Tour Dec. 21 featured the Marian Library; alumna Erma Bombeck; and faculty members Thaddeus Hoffmeister, law; Susan Trollinger, English; and Larry Schweikart, history.

The Huffington Post picked up Jipson's comments from an ABC 22/Fox 45 story about revenge websites. Jipson is a sociologist and director of the criminal justice studies program. 

The Millennial Star blog quoted history professor Larry Schweikart in a post about "the wild West." 

An Associated Press story about human trafficking quoted human rights expert Mark Ensalaco. At least 350 outlets picked up the story. 

Capital Gazette (Maryland) quoted Heitmann in a story about the forgotten history of the Fort Meade internment of Germans and Japanese during World War II. 

New York Times Magazine story quoted Heitmann, also an auto historian, about this history of the turn signal. "We always see the automobile as a masculine object, but in fact, women played an active role in thinking about the automobile," he said. 

Ensalaco, also a terrorism expert, talked to WLW-AM about the cover of Rolling Stone magazine that featured Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Jipson, an expert on pop culture and the Internet, also talked to WLW about the Tsarnaev cover. And, The Christian Science Monitor quoted assistant professor of communication Joe Valenzano III in an Aug. 1 story about the cover.

International Issues

Philosophy professor Messay Kebede wrote a blog post April 8 for about Ethiopian politics.

WLW-AM talked to Jeremy Forbis Feb. 5 and Feb. 7 about Sochi terror threats. 

WLW-AM tapped human rights and terrorism expert Mark Ensalaco to discuss Syria twice and Kenya once in September. He also talked to WYSO-FM about Syria.

When terror threats closed numerous U.S. embassies around the world, WLW-AM and CNN en Español turned to Ensalaco for insight.

Community and Economic Development

History professor Larry Schweikart co-wrote an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal that private investment and entrepreneurship — not the government — has been crucial to economic recovery.


School of Law Dean Paul McGreal talked to the National Law Journal about some states offering or proposing the opportunity to students to take the bar exam as early as their second year. "The idea is that law schools would feel more flexibility to experiment with co-ops and experiential learning," McGreal said. "I think if you go to that type of a system, there needs to be some discussion about what happens in that third year."

The Washington Post talked to law professor Jeannette Cox for an April 5 story about Wal-Mart's policies toward pregnant workers.

Bloomberg Businessweek picked up a Dayton Daily News story from Feb. 14 quoting law professor Dennis Greene about Comcast's agreement to purchase Time Warner Cable. 

The Wall Street Journal quoted McGreal in a Jan. 16 story about the role compliance officers play in an organization. "There's a recognition that to be effective compliance has to be knitted into the fabric of an organization,” he said. "It's more of a role in the leadership team within an organization.” The story also ran in The Wall Street Journal European edition.

Risk & Compliance Journal did a Q&A with McGreal about "how compliance is changing the law school curriculum and what skills companies want to see in compliance program graduates."

The Wall Street Journal talked to law professor Thaddeus Hoffmeister about jury selection.


David Salisbury, associate information systems professor, talked to the Dayton Daily News Feb. 6 about credit card fraud for a story that was picked up around the country, including Bloomberg Businessweek.

Serdar Durmusoglu, assistant marketing professor, talked to NPR's Marketplace Feb. 5 for a WYSO-FM story carried nationally about the closings of big-box stores.

Marketing and management professor Randy Sparks talked to Scott Sloan on 700 WLW-AM Feb. 3 about what Super Bowl ads worked, and which ones didn't. Sparks also was a guest on the Fox 45 Morning Show to talk about Super Bowl ads.

Personal finance website WalletHub on Jan. 22 talked to Bob Chelle, director of the Crotty Center for Entrepreneural Leadership, about his financial predictions for 2014.

Bloomberg quoted auto historian John Heitmann in a Jan. 26 story about wood being increasingly used in auto manufacturing.

Bill Cunningham on 700 WLW-AM interviewed marketing and management professor Randy Sparks Jan. 30 about Super Bowl commercials. 700 WLW-AM also interviewed Sparks for a Dec. 4 story about Black Friday marketing strategies.

Durmusoglu talked to the Dayton Daily News about Kroger's retail strategy; a wire service picked up the story and appeared online on Bloomberg Businessweek. The Associated Press picked up a Dayton Daily News story quoting him on the impact of Costco's and Whole Foods' entrance into the regional market. Columbus CEO, among others, carried the story.  

China Economic Review quoted auto historian and professor John Heitmann extensively in a story about the history of auto manufacturing in the U.S. and its lessons for the industry in China.

The McClatchy News Service picked up a Dayton Daily News story quoting Shawn Cassiman, assistant professor of sociology, on how growth in the U.S. temporary workforce may be a permanent trend.


Education professor Thomas Lasley II wrote an op-ed in The Cleveland Plain Dealer about students missing out when their teacher chronically miss work. 

Education professor and school law expert Charles Russo is quoted in a Fort Wayne Journal Gazette story Feb. 2 about legal challenges to private schools funded with state vouchers teaching creationism.

Metro, an urban publication distributed in 100 cities around the world, quoted Lasley II in a story about Bill Gates' influence on education in the U.S.

Current Events

Terrorism expert Mark Ensalaco talked to WLW-AM host Scott Sloan on the anniversary of the Boston marathon bombings.

Journalism professor and media law expert Jonathan Peters wrote articles for Columbia Journalism Review on April 7 and April 16 about alleged detention of two Toledo Blade journalists.

Associate political science professor Nancy Miller was quoted in several central Ohio newspapers in a March 3 story about uncontested state races.

History professor and auto historian John Heitmann was a guest March 31 on "To the Point" on NPR (KCRW-FM) to discuss GM's latest safety recall.

The Columbus Dispatch quoted political science lecturer Dan Birdsong in a Jan. 27 story about State of the Union addresses not being memorable.

Steve Harrod, assistant professor of operations management, was quoted extensively in national media about a New York City train derailment in early December, including two New York Daily News stories (link 1link 2), Inside EditionThe Associated Press, four articles (link 1,link 2,link 3,link 4),CNN with Carol CostelloCBS Radio,Pix 11 News, and The Wall Street Journal (video).

CNBC quoted Jamie Longazel, sociology assistant professor, in a story about immigration reform.

Human Events blog quoted political science assistant professor Dan Birdsong in a story about a poll showing opposition to U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehner within his own party. 

Corp Magazine quoted Longazel in a story about immigration and the Rust Belt. 

Communication assistant professor Joe Valenzano III was a guest on 700 WLW-AM Sept. 30 and Oct. 18 to discuss discussing the potential government shutdown. 

The Los Angeles Times quoted Heitmann in a Sept. 10 obituary for famous car dealer Cal Worthington.

The Newtown Bee previewed an art exhibit at ArtStreet featuring art by students of Sandy Hook Elementary School, the site of a tragic school shooting in December.

CNBC on July 18 published an op-ed from Longazel about the morality of U.S. immigration reform.

The Cincinnati Enquirer quoted former Ohio Gov. Bob Taft, distinguished research associate and lecturer, in a story about the absence of any statewide ballot issues in the upcoming election. twice sought out Harrod for his railway expertise when a high-speed train crashed in Spain. The stories ran July 26 and July 30.

700 WLW-AM interviewed Valenzano on three separate occasions for his insights on media coverage of the George Zimmerman case on July 2, 16 and 20.


Bob Brecha, physics professor and coordinator of the sustainability, energy and environment initiative, wrote and performed a segment on WYSO April 11 about climate change and spring flowers.

The websites for the Boston Globe, Portland Oregonian, Miami Herald, HonoluluStar-Advertiser, Energy Biz, Energy Central and Intelligent Utility were among the outlets picking up a Dayton Daily News story quoting Kevin Hallinan, co-founder of the master’s program in renewable and clean energy, about the phasing out of incandescent light bulbs. 

The website Lean Six Sigma News picked up our story about our lean efforts to provide better services to students. The Dayton Daily News did separate story as well.

The Providence Journal (Rhode Island) quoted physics professor and SEE coordinator Bob Brecha in a fact-checking story about climate change and global temperatures.


The Columbus Dispatch featured associate visual arts professor Kyle Phelps in a Jan. 12 story about his shared interest in sculpture with his twin brother.

Percussion Artist-in-Residence James Leslie was featured on WVXU-FM in January for a CD release from his band Trio Pi.

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