Emergency Shower Installation and Maintenance


This policy defines the need, use, and location of emergency showers. 


Facilities Planning and Construction Management will work with the appropriate parties, such as Environmental Health & Safety, etc., to ensure that the emergency showers are appropriately located, alarmed and marked. This process will ensure the safety of those who may need to use the emergency shower and that the University’s facility investments are protected and code requirements are met.

Policy History

Effective Date: April 4, 2006

Approval:  January 25, 2016

Policy History: 

  • Approved in Original Form: April 4, 2006
  • Approved as Amended: January 25, 2016

Maintenance of Policy:  Office of Audit,Risk and Compliance, Department of Environmental Health & Safety


I.  Policy

All emergency showers will be handled through the Department of Facilities Planning and Construction Management to ensure compliance with all applicable building codes and other regulations, including the American Disabilities Act Standards. All showers will be alarmed and monitored through the Public Safety Dispatch Central Monitoring system. The use of professional architectural/engineering services may be required.

Once a project has been approved, The Department of Facilities Planning and Construction Management is responsible for preliminary planning (schematic design), design development, construction documents, bidding or negotiating contracts, and contract supervision. Other departments will be brought in as necessary such as Environmental Health & Safety, Public Safety, etc.

II.  Responsibility for Enforcement, Remedies, and Sanctions


The division of Facilities Management is responsible for and/or contracting with and supervising all external contractors in the design and installation of the emergency showers. Environmental Health & Safety is responsible for the annual testing of the emergency showers and any problems will be reported to Facilities Management for repair.

III.   Appeals

 The Assistant Vice President, Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance is responsible for resolving any appeals which may be necessary.