Faculty and Community Symposium: Shared Expertise for Shared Solutions

Panel 1  




Margaret Pinnell

School of Engineering/Associate Dean

STEM activities to increase reading scores in third graders at Kiser PK-6

Aili Bresnahan

Philosophy Department, Assistant Professor

The importance of "we" to "I" for thought, agency, and creativity.

Shauna Adams

Teacher Education, Associate Professor

The Family Engagement Collaborative:  Student Servant Leaders Supporting Community Partners

Karlos L. Marshall

The Conscious Connect, Inc./Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation (IACT)

Collaborative Innovations to End Book Deserts

Mary Fisher

Department of Physical Therapy/Associate Professor

Breast Cancer is a Chronic Disease

Panel 2  




Alan Veliz-Cuba

Mathematics / Assistant Professor

Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems

Kevin Hallinan,
Jun-Ki Choi,
Brian LaDuca

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering / Institute for Applied Creativity for Transformation

Community Sustainability: Linking Green with Opportunity for Urban Core Residents

Margaret Murray

Women's Center

Reciprocity:  University of Dayton Women's Center and our Community Partner, Hannah's Treasure Chest

Pamela Cross Young,
Rochonda L. Nenonene, 
Connie L. Bowman,
Shauna M. Adams,
Dave Dolph

Educational Administration, Teacher Education, Teacher Education, Teacher Education, Educational Administration

Connecting the Dots of the Urban Teacher Academy: A Promising Practice that Emphasizes Shared Leadership Qualities and Recognizes Resiliency as a Solution for All Students

Dr. Jitendra Kumar

Energy Technologies and Materials, UDRI, Senior Research Scientist

Integrated Energy Solutions

Panel 3  




Kevin Klawon

Group Leader, Software Systems Group, SSD/UDRI

Software Development Process for the 21st Century and Beyond

Camilo Perez-Bustillo

Human Rights Center/Executive Director

In Defense of the Common Good- Diversity, Community, and Human Rights at Moments of Crisis

Susan and William Trollinger

Professor, English Department; Professor, History and Religious Studies Departments

Righting America at the Creation Museum, and Beyond

Kellie Schneider

Engineering Management, Systems, and Technology

Community-Engaged Scholarship to Address Local Food Insecurity

Kathleen Scheltens,
Julia Russell

Premedical Programs

MED 210

Panel 4  




David Dunn


Shared Expertise for Successful Tech Transition

Sister Angela Ann Zukowski, Susan Ferguson, Shauna Adams, Toni Moore

Institute for Pastoral Initiatives, Center for Catholic Education,  Center for Early Learning, Catholic Leadership Institute Project...We are all executive directors.

Conversation, Collaboration and Formation with the Catholic Community

Kim Bigelow

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering; Associate Professor

Cross-unit collaboration to improve clinical outcomes for individuals with disabilities in the Dayton area and beyond

Sandra Yocum

Religious Studies, University Professor of Faith and Culture

Adventures on the Borderlands of Teaching

John Kanet,
Charles Wells

MIS/OM/DSC, Professor(s)

OPS Research for the Manufacturing and Service Sectors