University Assessment Committee


Deborah Bickford (chair) - Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Learning Initiatives and Director, Ryan C. Harris Learning Teaching Center
Jon Hess - Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Sawyer Hunley - Assistant Provost for the Common Academic Program
Fred Jenkins - Associate Dean, University Libraries
Justin Keen - Director, Student Development Assessment and Planning
Terence Lau - Associate Dean, School of Business Administration
Lori Shaw - Professor Lawyering Skills, School of Law
Bob Wilkens - Associate Dean, School of Engineering
Pam Young - Director of Accreditaton, School of Education & Allied Professions


Under authority of the provost, this committee coordinates university-level assessment and oversees divisional or unit-level assessment, utilizing a distributed model for assessment with local responsibility. This committee maintains and implements the University Assessment Plan by monitoring and supporting assessment activities in individual units. It also coordinates assessment activities associated with university-level and program-level accreditation.


Monthly during the academic year

Membership Composition

a. Associate provost for academic affairs and learning initiatives, chair

b. An assessment coordinator from each of the following: College of Arts and Sciences, School of Business Administration, School Education and Allied Professions, School of Engineering, School of Law, Libraries, and Student Development. The associate provost consults with the deans and vice presidents in each area before their assignment of individuals to the role of assessment coordinator. The assessment coordinators typically serve on this committee for at least three years.

c. Others as appropriate, appointed by the committee chair