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  • Course Proposal Form, Tutorial and Tips
  • CAP Course Review Guidelines

Course Proposal Form, Tutorial and Tips

The Course Inventory Management (CIM) System is used for all course proposals and existing course revisions. You can log in using your Novell username and password. This is live data. Anything that you change will go through the designated workflow process for your unit.

                       For | Do This in CIM

  Existing Courses - Enter Course Number in Search Box and Click "Search", then select and edit the existing electronic course document.

  New Courses - Click "Propose New Course".

  • Be sure to use the CAP Course Proposal Tips document to guide the language used in your proposal.
  • You may use this Hard Copy Form for Drafting Proposals prior to entering your proposal into the system.  Note:  you may not submit a proposal using paper forms.  All proposals are submitted using the CIM.
  • When you are ready to submit the electronic proposal, watch this tutorial to get started!

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CAP Course Review Guidelines

The CAP Committee (CAPC) has developed CAP Course Review Guidelines as a summary of the CAP components created by the CAP Senate document (visit CAP 101 to access this document).  These guidelines are a reference tool for the CAPC and may be used as part of the CAPC review process for the approval of CAP courses.  We are sharing this resource as a tool for those faculty developing CAP courses.

Please note that this resource is an evolving, working document and will be updated from time to time so be sure to check for the latest revision before using it to evaluate your developing CAP courses.

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