Update: September 28, 2010


Now that the semester is well launched, and our newest 2,060 members of the undergraduate population are finding their ways around campus with more ease, the timing is right to announce that we are starting the process of providing regular updates and information about the curricular renewal process set into motion in April by the passage of the Common Academic Program. Every other week on Wednesdays, we will be sending information to keep you informed of latest developments. These updates will contain the header you see above, and various links to information and articles related to CAP curricular renewal.

As our first entry, we turn to an overview appearing in the Fall, 2010 LTC newsletter. In April, 2010, after a spirited, complex, and extended process involving challenging, productive dialogue and efforts from hundreds of faculty, the Common Academic Program (CAP) was passed in the Academic Senate. The program formulation period is over; now the creative, potentially fun and generative, sometimes messy process of implementation begins... Faculty are encouraged to take an active part in the new faculty development and curriculum-building opportunities that will be made available beginning this Fall. For more information, see http://ltc.udayton.edu/newsletter/LTCnewsletterF10.pdf.

If you have any general questions about CAP, contact Deb Bickford, Associate Provost, Academic Affairs and Learning Initiatives (x95360 or bickford@udayton.edu)