Update: October 13, 2010


This past summer, College faculty traveled to national institutes to begin their work on the Common Academic Program. Three department chairs, and the chair of the history department’s curriculum committee, joined Dean Paul Benson at an Association of American Colleges and Universities’ institute to begin planning for the program’s new first-year humanities courses (http://www.aacu.org/meetings/engaging_depts/2010resources.cfm). Additionally, faculty from the natural science departments accompanied Don Pair, Associate Dean for Integrated Learning and Curriculum in the College of Arts and Sciences, to the SENCER summer institute (http://sencer.net). The forum aims to improve curriculum by helping students to address pressing civic issues in their communities. “It was a chance to take a large group from the science departments, including department chairs, to a national institute to continue talking about how sciences could connect to the evolving common academic program,” Pair said.

The search for a CAP Assistant Provost has been launched.

The CAP Assistant Provost will orchestrate successful implementation of Common Academic Program. Nominations are welcome and should be submitted directly to the committee chair who will contact the nominee. Direct applications are also welcome. To be considered an official candidate, applicants must submit a cover letter and current CV on the HR website by Sunday, October 31, 2010. Members of the search committee are: Don Pair (Chair), Office of the Dean, College of Arts & Sciences; Corinne Daprano, Department of Health and Sports Science; Brad Duncan, Department Electrical and Computer Engineering; Tom Ferratt, Department of MIS, OM & Decision Sciences; Steve Herndon, Student Development; Katie Kinnucan-Welsch, Department of Teacher Education; Fr. Joe Kozar, Office of the Rector; Sue Krisko, Office of the Provost; and Sue Trollinger, Department of English. For additional information please contact any member of the Search Committee.