Update: December 13, 2010


Dr. Sawyer Hunley demonstrated that she has an understanding of and commitment to supporting the Catholic and Marianist values and identity of UD. Dr. Hunley has a strong background and expertise in curriculum, systems thinking and change, data-based decision making, curriculum assessment, and faculty development. She clearly understands the larger purposes of assessment and the significance of moving from a teaching-based curriculum to a learning-based curriculum. As noted by the Search Committee, Dr. Hunley "clearly understands the need to involve others in the process of implementing CAP. She offered evidence that she has significant leadership skills which she regularly applies to her work with other groups and organizations on and off campus."

Dr. Hunley’s collaborative skills and experience will be invaluable in CAP implementation. As the Blessed Father Chaminade often noted, “New times call for new methods.” Implementation of CAP requires not only new approaches to curricular development, but also, new ways of leading change. As the CAP Assistant Provost, Dr. Hunley will orchestrate implementation of CAP, will lead planning efforts, and will serve as a key person in the transition to CAP; but Dr. Hunley will not lead alone. She will be joining others who are also filling new positions associated with CAP, including the First-Year Humanities Coordinator and the CAP Sciences Coordinator. And there are other appointments and assignments to come, including appointments to the CAP Leadership Team and the appointment of an LTC- connected Director of CAP Curricular Innovation and Assessment. And though certainly not filling a new position, the College of Arts and Sciences Associate Dean for Integrated Learning and Curriculum will play an important role in implementation and administration of CAP, as articulated in the Senate-approved CAP document.