Update: April 7, 2011


The Academic Senate of the University of Dayton approved the Common Academic Program in April, 2010. Included in the CAP document is a requirement to create two university-wide committees to guide the development and implementation of the program. Members for both committees are now seated and meetings have been scheduled. Please join me in congratulating these U.D. colleagues.

Common Academic Program and Competencies Committee (CAPCC)

The CAPCC is a standing committee of the Academic Policies Committee of the Academic Senate with the following responsibilities:

    Review proposals for courses and experiences that will form the components of the CAP
    Approve courses that meet CAP requirements
    Facilitate communication and collaboration among faculty proposing courses
    Generate an annual list of approved courses
    Monitor and evaluate CAP courses

CAPCC Members

Sawyer Hunley (Assistant Provost for CAP) Don Pair (Associate Dean, CAS)
Becki Lawhorn (Associate Registrar) Juan Santamarina (CAS, Humanities)
Leno Pedrotti (CAS, Sciences) Scott Schneider (Engineering)
Keri Brown Kirschman (CAS, Social Sciences) Joan Gigilierano (Libraries)
Jim Dunne (Business) John White (SOEAP)
Emily Kaylor (SGA) Ashley Bohr (SGA)
Margie Pinnell (Ex-officio, Assistant Dean, Engineering) Kevin Kelly (Ex-officio, Dean, SOEAP)
Fred Jenkins (Ex-officio, Associate Dean, Libraries) Joseph Castellano (Ex-officio, Interim Dean, Business)

Common Academic Program Leadership Team (CAPL)

The CAPL team has the following responsibilities:

    Promote faculty understanding and participation in CAP
    Serve as liaisons within their respective units
    Implement CAP innovations awards

CAPL Member

Sawyer Hunley (Assistant Provost for CAP) Don Pair (Associate Dean, CAS)
Christine Schramm (Assistant Vice President for
Student Development)
John Clarke (CAS, Arts)
Teri Thompson (CAS, Humanities) Mary Kay Kelly (SOEAP)
Malcolm Daniels (Engineering) Jennifer Seitzer (CAS, Sciences)
Nancy Mohan (Business) Art Jipson (CAS, Social Sciences)