The Bias Related Incident Process comes into play when a bias-related incident is reported or is the subject of a nondiscrimination or harassment complaint, and the incident does not arise to the level of a violation of the Nondiscrimination and Anti-Harassment but nonetheless indicates bias that should be addressed by the University. In such an instance, the case will be transferred by the Equity Compliance Officer to the Bias Related Incident Process team. That team consists of designated persons in the following offices: vice president of student development, vice president of human resources, provost, campus police, and the coordinator of the process.

The office of the vice president or the office of the provost with authority for the alleged victim and offender will normally be responsible for investigating the case in a thorough and confidential manner. For example, cases involving students will normally be handled by the office of the vice president of student development. Cases involving staff members will generally be addressed by the office of the vice president of human resources and cases involving faculty will normally be addressed by the office of the provost. The appropriate office will also extend support and resources to the complainant.

The vice president may consult with the coordinator on the appropriate process for conducting the investigation. The office of the vice president will contact the complainant within three to five days of receiving the case. Existing unit processes may be used to review or investigate the complaint and to determine the appropriate actions or sanctions. Cases involving faculty will be handled in a manner consistent with policies in the faculty handbook. For cases involving staff, the office of human resources will discuss possible proactive remedies or sanctions, if any, with the appropriate supervisor and/or vice president. Cases involving students will be referred to the dean of students for appropriate action, which may include informal resolution or the initiation of formal disciplinary action through the office of community standards and civility.

Once the case has been investigated and a decision is reached, the vice president or designate will inform the complainant, the alleged offender, and the report coordinator of the outcome of the case. Normally, the review of a reported bias related incident should be completed in two to eight weeks depending on the complexity of the case.

The Bias Related Incident Report Coordinator, will maintain a record of all cases and the outcomes and prepare an annual report, including the number of cases during the year; the nature of the complaint; and the outcome or disposition of the cases.

The report will protect the identity of all complainants and accused individuals. This report will be sent to the president and all vice presidents.

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