Aerial photograph of the Immaculate Conception Chapel

Emergency Phones

Emergency phones are strategically placed throughout the campus and provide immediate voice contact with the Department of Public Safety Communication Center. The blue light of outdoor phones is highly visible and flashes when the emergency phone is activated.

Emergency phones are installed at the following locations:
  • East side of Kettering Engineering Building
  • Northeast corner of Miriam Hall
  • Near the Visitor Center on L Street
  • In RP-2 lot at the rear of 215 K Street
  • In S-1 lot near College Park Center
  • In A lot at the corner of Alberta and Stewart Streets
  • In B lot
  • North side of Keller Hall at the rear of 326 E. Stewart Street
  • At the corner of Woodland Avenue and Alberta Street near 101 Woodland Avenue
  • In RP-14 lot at the rear of 38 Chambers Street
  • Stuart Athletic Field
  • South side of the Science Center
  • South side of McGinnis Center, near the main entrance
  • Between St. Joseph and Reichard Halls
  • River campus in the parking lots and in the park