New UD EMS House

University of Dayton EMS was founded in November of 1992, starting off with a donated university van stocked with medical supplies that served as an ambulance and a room in the Public Safety Department as their station. UD EMS began with 7 members and was in service for only a few hours a week. Over the years, UD EMS has received a brand new updated ambulance with the help of UD Public Safety, grown to over 60 members, and is now in-service 24/7 throughout the academic year.

UD EMS is happy to announce that with the help of donations and the University of Dayton, a new, larger, and more efficient house was constructed over the summer of '16. The new house is fully equipped with speakers and radio systems that allow members to easily communicate with public safety. The spacious quarters, which include three bedrooms, two offices, a kitchen, and a living room, give members ample room to study, cook, and spend time together. The new house has accommodated the rapidly growing UD EMS organization to better serve the UD community.

New UD EMS House Construction Timeline

January 2016

Old UD EMS House

Previous UD EMS house located at 214 Lawnview Avenue.

Move Out Day

A committee of UD EMS members spent this day moving everything out of the soon to be demolished house into the new UD EMS apartment located at 201 Lawnview Apartments, Suite 113.

February 2016

Fence Time

Fence was put up along the perimeter of the house as workers prepared for demolition.

House Demolition

March 2016

Site Prep

May 2016

House Taking Shape