Aerial photograph of the Immaculate Conception Chapel

Student Cadet Program

As part of the Patrol Division, approximately 30 Student Security Cadets augment the Public Safety staff and provide valuable services, including:

  • A free transportation service within the University of Dayton community.
  • Security and locking patrols of academic and administrative buildings. This includes ensuring all buildings are properly secured and reporting security violations. 

Cadets are not police officers and do not act in that capacity. A direct link to University of Dayton police officers by radio ensures support in the event of a need for police assistance.

The Student Security Cadet Program also provides leadership opportunities. Each year, four upper-class members of the program are chosen to fill supervisory positions. In addition to acting as the official representatives of the cadets to the university community, this four-person team is responsible for the hiring of new student employees, monthly scheduling, and the day-to-day supervision of the program. They work closely with the Patrol Lieutenant, the staff member responsible for the Student Security Cadet Program.

Employment as a cadet is open to any full-time undergraduate student in good academic and disciplinary standing. Applications are available through the Office of Student Employment, St. Mary's Hall room 411.