MLS Recommendation Form

Online Recommendation Instructions:

Below you will find a link to a form to submit your recommendation for a student applying for the Marianist Leadership Scholarship Program at the University of Dayton.   We ask that you use this form in lieu of mailing a recommendation letter.  You will not be able to save or resubmit your work.  We strongly recommend typing your responses separately and then copy/paste into the form in one sitting. 

The deadline for recommendation submissions is November 1, 2017. 

 We appreciate your assistance in helping us discern the future Marianist leaders at the University of Dayton!

About Marianist Leadership Scholars

The Marianist Leadership Scholars Program (MLS) was created by the United States Province of the Society of Mary as an opportunity for graduates of Marianist Education Consortium schools to continue to grow and develop within the Marianist tradition (the program is also available to participants in the Marianist LIFE summer programs). Members of the Marianist Leadership Scholars Program are challenged and supported in connecting academics with service and leadership in the greater community. 

This four-year faith, service, and leadership program, which includes a renewable scholarship of $4,000 per year, is available to those graduates who have demonstrated both an understanding and a practice of the Marianist story. For more information, including the program expectations, visit go.udayton.ed/mlsleaders.

Recommendation Form:

For those inthe Continental US, click here: Marianist Leadership Scholars Recommendation Form (US) - this application is closed

For those in Puerto Rico, click here: Marianist Leadership Scholars Recommendation Form (PR)