Sensors and Electro-optics

    This collaborative area has blossomed over the last year due to UD’s winning of the State of Ohio’s Wright Center of Innovation called IDCAST (Institute for the Development and Commercialization of Advanced Sensors Technology). With participation from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering and the Research Institute, the $28 million award to IDCAST coupled with a multi-million dollar award from the Air Force has propelled the external sponsorship for our researchers to record highs in this fast growing area of research. Once again, the State of Ohio has named UD a Center of Excellence in Optoelectronics and Sensors and has contributed to funding for three endowed research scholars in this area. UD has one of only six electro-optics Ph. D. programs in the United States. The intersection of electro-optics, sensors and materials holds the key to incredible future discoveries in this area.

    Ladar & Optical Communications Institute (LOCI)

    Electro-Optics at UD

    Electro-Optical research at UDRI 

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