STARS 2013 Presentations

Dr. McGrathKeynote Address
Robert T. McGrath, Ph.D.

The Innovation Ecosystem: Fostering Research & Commercialization

One can envision the “Innovation Ecosystem” as a collection of companies, non-profits, government organizations, and educational institutions that work together to create economic impact in one or more markets.  Such Ecosystems across the country take various forms and approaches as they wrestle with the difficult problems of migrating basic research into high-value commercial products.  Fostering government / industry / academic partnerships is a theme common to many such Ecosystems.  The presentation will provide examples of innovation ecosystems and associated partnerships within selected institutions, and will discuss recent and developing programs within several federal agencies designed to stimulate innovation by advancing such partnerships.

Dr. McGrath serves as vice president at the Georgia Institute of Technology and director of the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI). Prior to joining GTRI in 2011, he worked in a number of capacities with Battelle Memorial Institute supporting a variety of R&D programs, national laboratory and university partnerships, STEM education initiatives and the Battelle-managed National Renewable Energy Laboratory, where he served as deputy director.  Full Bio

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Panel Discussions

Exemplary Catholic and Marianist Scholarship: Diverse Perspectives from Multiple Disciplines 
Session leader - Kevin P Hallinan Ph.D.

Innovation in Action:  A Live Demonstration of UD Community Ideation
Session Leader - Ken Bloemer  Ph.D.

Featured Presentations

In the Beginning, Who Created? Reflections on God, Cyborgs and the Internet
Jana Bennett, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Religious Studies

The End of an Affair: Americans, Their Love of the Automobile, and Why Understanding it Matters
John Heitmann, Ph.D.
Professor, History

Google, Gadgets and Guilt: Juror Misconduct in the Digital Age
Thaddeus Hoffmeister, J.D.
Professor - Law School

How Entrepreneurs can use their Knowledge and their Connections to Increase the Number of People they Employ
Diane Sullivan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Management & Marketing

Arm Function May Affect Quality of Life of Long Term Breast Cancer Survivors
Mary Fisher, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy Doctoral Program

Novel Biopolymers and Their Potential Applications as Environmentally Friendly Adhesives, Coatings and Structural Materials
Doug Hansen, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist and Group Leader; Adjunct Associate Professor of Chemical and Materials Engineering Nonstructural Materials Division - UDRI

Frozen Alive
Carissa Krane, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Biology

Energy Storage: Societal Needs and the Emerging Lithium‐Air Technology
Binod Kumar, Ph.D.
Group Leader and Distinguished Research Engineer; Electrochemical Power Group, UDRI

Carbon Nanomaterials: Atomistic Interfaces and the Hunt for a Payoff on the $1012 Investment
Christopher Muratore, Ph.D.
Research Engineer, Chemical & Materials Engineering

Microchips that Make Pictures: Nano‐technology and Image Sensors
Andrew Sarangan, Ph.D.,P.E.
Professor & Associate Director, Electro-Optics Graduate Program

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