Faculty who have won previous RESEARCH COUNCIL SEED GRANTS must have submitted a final report on those grants in order to be considered for new awards.  There is no guarantee that all proposers will win awards.

The grants are designated as Senior Faculty grants and New Tenure Track Faculty grants. Faculty is eligible for only one category of grant.

Members of the Research Council are not eligible to apply for RCSG grants.


After completing five years of tenured service you are considered to be in the senior category. The purpose of the seed grants for senior investigators is to provide funding which supports initiatives in research and other scholarly activities by faculty members who are embarking upon distinctly new avenues of research. Application for this funding will also apply to faculty returning to research from an administrative assignment.

A co-signed letter from the Department Chair and the Dean will be required to verify that the proposal represents a new and  distinctly different avenue of research/scholarship for the faculty member, and is a definite departure from past research endeavors. Similarly, faculty returning from administrative assignments will also need this co-signed letter.

This letter must accompany the proposal. Failure to include the letter will result in disqualification.

Senior faculty members who are funded must submit a report describing the activities that were performed with the funding. This report will be the requisite for additional funding for the faculty member in the future. Senior faculty members are eligible to apply only twice for this funding and the second funding request must be separated from the first by a minimum of 7 years.


The purpose of the seed grants for new tenure track faculty, in their first four years, is to assist them in the initiation of research. The new faculty grants are available to tenure track faculty only in each of the first four years at the University of Dayton. After four years of funding, the faculty member is expected to have established a research agenda and be able to attract other sources of funding. The Research Council Seed Grants in this category are awarded to tenure track faculty members whose appointments were effective on or after Aug. 16, 2012.  

A new faculty member can receive grants from any category in any given year. In order to win an RCSG grant for two, three or four consecutive years, however, the proposer must demonstrate that; (a) the efforts of the previous year had indeed resulted in significant scholarly research and the proposed research was completed successfully, (b) there exists a continuing track record of publishing and seeking external sponsorship, and (c) the final report for previous year's Research Council Seed Grants was submitted by the required date outlining the accomplishments of the research.


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