Corrosion Protection

Non-toxic Corrosion Protection Pigments (UD267)

Non-toxic Corrosion Protection Conversion Coats (UD268)

Electrical Engineering

Characterization Technique For Dielectric Properties Of Polymers (UD433)

Resonant Sensor Capable Of Wireless Interrogation (UD482)

Thin Film Structures With Negative Inductance (UD488)


Solid Composite Electrolyte Membrane (UD441)

Green Technology

Green Recovery Process for Wastes Containing Hexavalent Chromium (UD280)

Life Sciences

Combination Therapy and Methods for Treating Bacterial Biofilms (UD524)

Cationic, Water-Soluble Molecules to Prevent the Formation of Biofilms (UD587)


Method of Making Conductive Metal-Containing Polymer Fibers and Sheets (UD251)

Bonding Process For The Joining Of Metals To Ceramic Matrix Composites And Ceramics (UD474)

Oil Change Monitoring System (UD485)

Hydrogen Gas Generation From Aluminum Nanoparticles And Room Temperature (UD515)


Sensing System for Monitoring the Structural Health of Composite Structures (UD393)

Aligned Carbon Nanotubes For Dry Adhesive (UD459)


Embedded JPEG2000 Compression/Decompression Engines For Real-Time Processing Of Large-Scale Imagery (UD539)

Determination of Threat via a Single Image (UD589)


Technology Partnerships

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