STEM Catalyst Initiative

2018 Awardees and Proposal Titles

Judit Beagle, Angela Mammana, Mark Masthay: "Mechanistic Studies of Laser-induced Color Changes in the Model Visual Pigment Bacteriorhodopsin"

Mary Fuhs:  "Identifying the Mechanisms Underlying Mathematical Cognition to Design Innovative Games for Children"

Jay Mathews:  "Development of hyperdoped silicon for infrared focal plane array detectors"

Chris Muratore, Kristen Comfort: "Ultra-sensitive biotronic molecular sensors for applications in health care and security"

Chelse Prather: "Toxic trees, crazy ants, adventive moths, and biocontrol beetles…oh, my! Verifying and predicting an invasional meltdown"

Tim Reissman, Bob Lowe, Hafez Tari, Margie Pinnell, Susan Hill, Malcolm Daniels: "Toward Additively Manufactured Soft Prosthetic Hands: Processing, Characterization, and Predictive Modeling of Ultra-Flexible 3D-Printed Materials"

Ju Shen, Ben Kunz: "A Novel Behavioral Intervention System for Children with Autism"

Yvonne Sun, Erick Vasquez, Chenglong Zhao: "Collaboration toward food safety: Ultrasensitive detection and identification of pathogens"



STEM Catalyst Initiative

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