Awardees and their proposal titles are:

  • Zelalem Bedaso: Establishing modern oxygen isotope baseline in terrestrial records to understand the climate and environment of human evolution.
  • Kim Bigelow, Kurt Jackson, Timothy Reissman, Julie Walsh-Messinger: Fostering increased independence and health outcomes for older adults: development and adoption of a SmartWalker.
  • Amy Ciric, Jun-Ki Choi: STAR: solar thermal adsorptive refrigeration.
  • Tam Nguyen, Phu Phung: A framework for object segment collage CAPTCHA.
  • Pothitos Pitychoutis: Engineering of a cutting-edge transgenic mouse model to decipher novel calcium circuits implicated in the neurobiology of ADHD.
  • Chelse Prather, Yvonne Sun: Maintaining coastal tallgrass prairies: grasshopper microbiomes, invasive ants and decomposition.
  • Ju Shen, Benjamin Kunz: A virtual reality based video self-modeling system for behavior intervention.
  • Amit Singh: Finding new targets of amyloid plaque mediated neurodegeneration using Drosophila eye model.