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The University of Dayton’s goals arise directly from its mission; they respond to the challenges it faces; they contribute to its ability to form distinctive graduates; and they reflect the priorities in its Vision of Excellence. They are fundamental to the University’s future and they will remain in place for the foreseeable future.


Strategic initiatives define the principal means through which the goals will be met. They may require some adjustments as their effectiveness is measured in terms of their contribution toward the achievement of the goals they support.

The University leadership has identified a particular set of initiatives that, taken together, have the greatest potential for advancing the institution, engaging the University community and inspiring University supporters. These initiatives will be given priority resource allocation, and they are identified throughout the plan as key initiatives.


Tactics prescribe particular methods through which the strategic initiatives, and therefore the goals they support, will be fulfilled. Tactics may be modified as necessary to maximize their effectiveness.

The University leadership will identify specific metrics to determine progress toward the fulfillment of the goals in the Strategic Plan. These will be determined after the rest of the plan has been approved.