Black Action Through Unity (B.A.T.U)

The primary focus of BATU is to serve the UD community by addressing social issues, supporting students of color on all levels and promoting cohesiveness within the community.

BATU is devoted to supporting students of color by promoting academic success, enforcing community involvement and by being a liaison between students and administration. BATU is steadfast in promoting cohesiveness by facilitating workshops and creating awareness of certain issues within the community.

Overall, BATU is designed to be a unified force for social change in the UD community and the greater Dayton area.


In January 1999, Residential Services at the University of Dayton awarded a Special Interest House to Black Action Thru Unity. Five same-sex B.A.T.U. members must occupy the house each year. The purpose of the B.A.T.U. house is to offer a "home away from home" atmosphere. It provides a welcoming meeting place for all members of B.A.T.U. and the UD community. The house is registered as a UD Help House and is located in the south student neighborhood.  In its first year, the five female occupants hosted a number of events. These events included birthday parties, Soul Food dinner, Homecoming Open House, Unity Series-dinners and discussions, and the Prospective Student Weekend cookout. This upcoming school-year the occupants plan to carry on this B.A.T.U. tradition.

Membership Information

Meeting Dates/Times

Please send an email to to receive updates on our meeting times and dates. 

Membership Dues 

Dues are $20 a year.

It is not a requirement for members to pay dues. But it is required for dues to be paid in order to attend certain events for a discounted rate. These events will be announced as such when publicized. 



(In the meantime, please check out our Facebook page for any updates.)


President- Jerami Johnson  

Vice-President - Andrea Session

Treasurer- Chelsea Jones

Secretary- Alexandra Smith

BATU Exec. Board: