About Consciousness Rising

The Central focus of Consciousness Rising is how the small, everyday actions of students/the UD community play a role in the world at large -- Whether we're aiding and abetting social injustices, or ignoring them, or just honestly aware that they are not there, we're losing opportunities to create the world the Marianist seek. The vision is that in a few years, hundreds of Flyers will be coming together for one day to make a big difference through interactive learning and collaboration with the city of Dayton.

We invite all of you to come explore our three tracks and let your mind be open to everything you will discover. Please browse through the tracks on this website to learn more about what these issues are, the effects they cause, and how you can make a difference. Learning more about these issues is the first step to help fixing them.

-The Consciousness Rising Team

The Three Tracks

1. Sex Trafficking and the Hyper-Sexualization of Culture

2. The Invisibility of Privilege: Racial Divides in America

3. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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Sex Trafficking and the Hyper-Sexualization of Culture

Vision Statement:

The mission of the Sex Trafficking and Hyper-Sexualization of Culture track is to educate the UD Community on what modern sex slavery is, how it happens and why it happens. We will make the connection of how our hyper-sexualized culture promotes sex slavery throughout the world and empower individuals to become modern abolitionists.

Learn more about:

Sex Slavery.
Cultural Demand in the US
The Law. Decisions and their consequences.
Forced Labor, Human Cargo, & the Cost of Life.

Great for students studying:

International Studies
Criminal Justice
Human Rights
Political Science
Women & Gender Studies

The Invisibility of Privilege: Racial Divides in America

Vision Statement:

The Invisibility of Privilege: Racial Divides in America Track’s vision is to educate participants about the racial inequalities that exist in American society. This track will focus on how racial inequalities influence us on an individual and societal level. Through the interactive exhibits and speakers, participants will better understand the conscious and unconscious ways individuals contribute to inequalities in society. There will be a focus on race and privilege. An empowering approach will be taken that will result in participants learning concrete ways to make a difference.

Learning Objectives:

• Define white privilege in an American society. Through tangible examples in exhibits and listening to experts in the field, participants will discover different social problems through a racial lens and the connection to white privilege.
• Racial slurs, stereotypes, discrimination and unconscious bias will be debunked and explained to show racial inequalities
• Learn about social problems in society, including, but not limited to, food availability, access to clean water, housing availability, prison system and education and the achievement gap. Social problems, which are rooted in racial inequalities, will be explored through the lens of racial perspective.
• Provide opportunities after the conference to put to practice ways to create a shift in culture through passive and active ways.


What is Privilege?
Become acquainted with the relationship between privilege and race. Learn about various groups through exploring the past in the Civil Rights Movement, but also about the present day movement in the fight for equality.

Food Deserts: Divisions in Dayton
Our city, Dayton, is a food desert. Our community does not have adequate and affordable food for the poor areas. Learn more about what a food desert is through comparing and contrasting a community that values good-quality food and a community that is struggling to provide.

Changing Racial Demographics
Take a step back in time to 1950 to learn about the racial makeup then, next a take a closer look at the racial makeup today and lastly travel forward in time to 2050 to see the changes that will take place. What will our country look like in 2050?

Privilege throughout History: Their Dream, Our Movement
From Jesus to Father Chaminade, to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to John F. Kennedy, discover what each important figure had to say about privilege. Privilege has, and always will be, a hot topic in history. Learn how it has change and adapted over time. Then take time for yourself, after exploring the tunnel of privilege, to reflect upon the impact you can make in the world today.

Fair Trade and Corporate Responsibility

Vision Statement

To educate the UD Community, and specifically future business leaders, on what Corporate Social Responsibility is, how Corporate Social Responsibility works in the supply chain, and why businesses with CSR business models are more successful in the long run.


True Lies: Enslaved Labor Through the Consumer’s Eyes
What: Create an outlet store similar to a popular athletic apparel store.
So What: Allows the audience to get a glimpse of how well marketed these products can be & how they can be unaware of what the real cost of buying these products is.
Now What: Follow footprints with statistics or snippets speaking to the company’s popularity, superiority, and prestige into the next exhibit.

True Story: Stepping into a Sweatshop
What: What the consumer supports by purchasing products that are made by enslaved or forced labor.
So What: By purchasing products manufactured by enslaved or forced labor the consumer is directly supporting these unethical supply chain practices.
Now What: Showcase other brands, i.e. Patagonia, that are successful without employing enslaved or forced labor practices throughout the entire supply chain process and are still able to turn a successful profit. Follow footprints into next exhibit with statistics on how many people are currently working within enslaved or forced labor around the world, etc…

Looking Forward 
What: Create a Patagonia outlet store, mirroring the first exhibit except the Patagonia outlet promotes and heavily supports ethical labor practices and regulates them within their supply chains. Highlight Patagonia “Footprint Chronicles.”
So What: This will allow the audience to think about the types of products that they can and should support & what they support when they purchase products that are produced unethically.

Raising Awareness to End Unethical Labor Practices
What: Fair trade retailer sale and Slave Footprint survey.
So What: Shows audience what fair trade products look at and where they can buy them locally also makes them aware of how many people they are enslaving by purchasing some of the products that they already own. Encourage them to examine their consumer spending habits.
Now What: Inspire audience to visit these stores and purchase fair trade products.


Speakers at Consciousness Rising 2014

Tim Wise

Tim Wise

Co-sponsored by the University of Dayton Speaker Series
MARCH 22, 2013

Timothy Jacob Wise is an American anti-racism activist and writer. Since 1995, he has given speeches at over 600 college campuses across the U.S 
Walter DeKeseredy

Walter S. DeKeseredy

Co-sponsored by the University of Dayton Speaker Series
MARCH 20, 2013

Walter S. DeKeseredy, Ph.D. is the Anna Deane Carlson Endowed Chair of Social Sciences and Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at West Virginia University. He has published 19 books and close to 70 scientific journal articles on a variety of topics, including woman abuse and pornography, woman abuse in intimate relationships, criminological theory, and crime in public housing.
In 2008, the Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma at the CDC awarded him the Linda Saltzman Memorial Intimate Partner Violence Researcher Award. He also jointly received (with Martin D. Schwartz) the 2004 Distinguished Scholar Award from the American Society of Criminology's Division on Women and Crime.  In 1995, he received the Critical Criminologist of the Year Award from the ASC's Division on Critical Criminology and in 2008, the Division on Critical Criminology gave him the Lifetime Achievement Award.

jim keady

Jim Keady 

Co-sponsored by the University of Dayton Speaker Series MARCH 22, 2013

Jim Keady is an educator, activist, theologian, filmmaker, writer and athlete. He is the Director of Educating for Justice, Inc., a NJ-based nonprofit company that educates and organizes citizens to promote peace and justice in the world. For the past 12 years, Keady has focused much of his time and energy on improving the living and working conditions for Nike’s overseas factory workers. His work has been featured on CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, HBO Sports, ESPN, the ABC, the BBC, NPR, WBAI, as well as in the NY Times, Newsday, Sports Illustrated, the Daily News, and countless other local radio programs and print outlets. Keady’s Nike accountability campaign, TEAM SWEAT, can be found at www.teamsweat.org and he can be reached at jim@educatingforjustice.org


Consciousness Rising March 20th- 22nd

Thursday March 20th:
Kick Off Speaker: Dr. Walter S. DeKeseredy. Sears Hall. 6:00 pm–6:45 pm

Friday March 21st:
Abolition Ohio STOP Training: 3:00 – 5:00 St. Joes Conference Room
Concert: 6:00 RecPlex. Remedy, Leap Years, Eric Hutchinson.

Saturday March 22nd: River Campus
Tim Wise Talk (w/ Q&A): 1:00 pm–2:00 pm
Interactive Exhibits:  2:00 pm–5:00 pm
Jim Keedy Talk: 4:00 pm–5:00 pm

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors!

Office of Multi Cultural Affairs

UD Speakers Series

Eric Hutchinson for Consciousness Rising 2014

Eric Hutchinson

Eric Hutchinson will be performing as part of Consciousness Rising 2014 on March 21st at 6:30 pm in the Recplex. 

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