University of Dayton College Libertarians

There is a libertarian presence on campus! You are not alone! We are socially tolerant and fiscally responsible. We would want you to keep all of your money unless you choose to use it and allow people to just do their thing as long as it doesn't infringe on your rights!

Founded in Fall 2012, the UD College Libertarians are focused on bringing Libertarian politicians, Libertarian Party of Ohio officials, and more to campus. We work on registering students to vote and educating our student community on the important issues facing our state and country.

We have bi-weekly meetings, check our Facebook page for event listings or send an email!

Our Elected Leadership

President - Dan Zink

Vice President - Jake Schultheis

Founder - Dan Zink

Governor: Charlie Earl

Lt. Governor: Sherry Clark

Secretary of State: Aaron Harris

Attorney General: Steven Linnabary

Treasurer: Marc Allen Feldman