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University of Dayton Model United Nations Conference Award Criteria

The University of Dayton Model United Nations Conference has established the following criteria for evaluating delegate performance.  No single criterion is emphasized over another.  All Committees are rated on an equal basis and Delegations are rated on a mathematical formula relative to the total number of committees represented by the individual Member State.  Staff selects Delegates following the conclusion of the conference based on performance.  The number of awards given will vary by  committee.  Each Staff member is aware of these standards and all decisions of the staff are final.

  • Remaining in 'character'' Being in 'character' is defined by the UDMUNC as advocating the country's position in a manner consistent with economic, social and geopolitical constraints.  Although being in 'character' involves remaining consistent with the country's diplomatic style, Delegates should not model ill-perceived national characteristics/traits
  • Participating in committee Both informal session and during caucusing

     1. The UDMUNC recognizes that a county's position on any issue may require opposition to the majority rather than active consensus-building.  The Conference Staff expects Delegates only to support Committee action and address issues in accordance with their country's policies; and,

     2. No priority is given to active participation in formal sessions over caucus.

  • Proper use of Rules and Procedure[

Remaining in 'Character':

  • Consistent and accurate diplomacy.
  • Caucusing in a manner consistent with the country's position and power, i.e. Austria is known as a behind-the-scenes facilitator, especially in East-West relations.
  • A Delegate who is very well prepared usually becomes a leader in the committee whether or not it is consistent with their foreign policy.  The Delegate should not be punished for this, but recognize there are limits to what is acceptable in this situation.

Participating in Committee

  • Delegates who provide leadership through assistance to the committee should be provided special consideration in such regard.
  • Individual effort and ability will both be considered.
  • A country who must maintain a position contrary to the majority of the Committee retains full and equal eligibility for awards consideration.

Rules and Procedure

  • Although UDMUNC Rules of Procedure are designed to facilitate debate, it may be entirely consistent for some Delegations to employ the rules in an attempt to block certain topics or positions.
  • Staff will practice patience with new Delegates who may not be completely familiar with the Rules of Procedure, particularly the morning of the Conference and while in voting procedures.
  • Delegates will not be permitted to interrupt the progression of the Committee through the introduction of disruptive and/or inappropriate motions.   Delegates with questions or concerns relating to the Rules of Procedure will be advised to informally approach the bias for explanation.