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Position Papers

Position Papers:

Each delegation must submit a position paper on its respective topic.  One position paper award will be handed out per committee. Late position papers will not be accepted. Delegations of more than one person should submit only one position paper (for example, if two students are working together to represent France on the Security Council, they should submit only one position paper).  Position papers will be graded by committee chairpersons.

 Please note that papers submitted to the conference will be considered property of the dais and will not be returned to students at the conference. We highly recommend that you keep a copy of your own position paper to be used as reference during the conference.

Format for the position papers should be no longer than one page single spaced with one inch margins, and saved to read “Name of School_Committee Name and Number_Country.” (ex: Dayton_SC1_France or Dayton_SC2_France)
 Please follow this format while writing your position paper.

All position papers must be submitted no later than Monday, November 4, 2013.

Please send all position paper submission by email to your respective committee chair. Chair emails and committees are listed above in the "For More Information" box. Submissions must have the subject line reading “Position Paper from (Name of School) for (Committee Name and Number).”   Please email all submissions to the email address indicated above and on your committee's background guide.