Aerial photograph of the Immaculate Conception Chapel

Theta Phi Alpha Philanthropy

Advancing philanthropic interests is a part of Theta Phi Alpha's mission and such interest is promoted throughout the collegiate experience and beyond.  Theta Phi has 2 national philanthropic causes:
The Glenmary Home Missioners
The House That Theta Phi Alpha Built

The Glenmary Home Missioners: Glenmary's work in depressed rural areas of the United States, primarily in the Appalachian states, leads them to distribute food, clothing and books to needy persons, assist in providing medical care, job training and tutoring, and provide a spiritual home to those who desire it. Glenmary also runsCamp Friendship, a summer camp for children ages 8-12 each summer.

The House That Theta Phi Alpha Built was established in 1993. The common goal through The House is to improve the plight of the homeless in any way.