C2C Service Habit

Seven Habits Can Change Your Life and Our Community.

Good choices made repeatedly over time develop into habits which have a positive lifelong influence. The following habits are essential for living the Catholic and Marianist vision of community.  Individuals, groups and organizations are called to develop these habits.

1. Treat Yourself With Respect

Do I respect myself?
How does my behavior show it?

  • Seek relationships that bring out the best in you and others.
  • Make choices which are safe, healthy and consistent with your faith tradition and values.
  • Follow the law.  Don’t abuse alcohol or controlled substances.
  • Develop a sense of reverence for the dignity of your own sexuality.

2. Treat Others with Respect

Does my behavior show respect to those around me?

  • Demonstrate dignity and respect in your communication with others.
  • Develop relationships with people who are different from you.
  • Honor the dignity and sexual integrity of others with your actions and words.
  • Pay attention to the safety, comfort, and health of others.
  • Learn to handle conflict with respect, dialogue, understanding, and forgiveness.

3. Be Honest, Truthful, and Live with Integrity.

Am I becoming the person I want to be?

  • Model moral behavior and virtue.
  • Practice behavior that is not insulting, demeaning, destructive or harmful to you or others.
  • Exercise academic integrity.  Follow the UD Honor Code.
  • Respond truthfully and respectfully when your behavior is questioned by another.
  • Accept the consequences of your behavior, while learning to forgive and to accept forgiveness.

4. Develop Your Faith Life

Am I willing to be part of a faith tradition that is larger and wiser than me?

  • Develop a capacity for silence.  Pray, alone and with others. Participate in worship.
  • Reflect on how faith contributes meaning to and challenges your everyday life.
  • Study your religious tradition to deepen your understanding, practice and commitment to it.
  • Learn about and show respect for the religious traditions of others.
  • Live gratefully; show appreciation; give thanks to God and others.

5. Integrate learning and living at UD

Are all of the dimensions of my life in harmony?

  • Learn about Catholic and Marianist views of life, which shape UD's values.
  • Inform and integrate your faith and beliefs with your academic learning and moral living.
  • Seek truth and wisdom, not just knowledge and job skills.
  • Seek mentors and models who will affirm and challenge you.
  • Consider your life's path not just as a career, but as a vocation, a calling from God.
  • Grieve losses, embrace challenges and celebrate successes: live fully and joyfully.

6. Take Responsibility for Self and Community

What does it mean for me to contribute to the common good?

  • Exercise self-discipline as an individual and in group situations.
  • Be aware of the weakest and most vulnerable around you and seek to serve them.
  • Challenge groups and organizations to respond to community problems and needs.
  • Speak up when you witness alcohol abuse, drug use, violence, vandalism and behaviors that harm or demean people and damage community.

7. Practice Servant Leadership.

How do I learn from others and encourage them to use their gifts?

  • Listen first. Learn from others.  Consider the needs of all.
  • Practice humility and generosity of spirit when using your gifts and skills.
  • Lead for the good of the community, not for advancing your own image.
  • Speak up for those in need and those who have no voice.
  • Encourage your student organization to make a positive contribution to UD and to the city of Dayton.