How It Works

How it Works

Steps on how the contest works.

Step 1: Sign up

Click the link to register: C2C Sheet Sign Contest Registration

Step 2: Pick up a Supply Packet

Pick up your C2C supply packet at the neighborhood office (461 Kiefaber St., open daily 8:30 a.m. - midnight).

Materials in your packet will include a twin-size sheet, an assortment of paints, paint brushes, a C2C stencil (which MUST be in the design), an information card, a plastic bag and a Commitment to Community Brochure.

Step 3: Create your Sheet!

Read over the University's Commitment to Community and create an expression of how your chosen principle and habit (from the registration form) are a reflection of your house/apartment's commitment to enhancing the University of Dayton community. This may be surrounding a cause or a campus club/organization's mission of importance to you. For example, C2C week coincides with Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Use the materials in the supply packet to create your sheet sign. Don't forget to include the "Our C2C" stencil in your design.

NOTE: To protect the community, we ask that you paint your sheet on grass areas only. Tarps are available at the neighborhood offices for your use as well. Please contact your neighborhood fellow to check out a tarp or ask the desk receptionist at 431 Kiefaber.

Step 4: Snap a Photo

Before submitting, Instagram a photo of your sheet sign with #UDC2C and #AVIATE to enter. Check that your account is set to ‘public’ before posting.

Step 5: Submit your Sheet Sign

Write your address on the back of your sheet and place the folded sheet in the plastic bag the supplies came in. Submit your sheet sign and supply bag to 461 Kiefaber St. You must submit your supply bag with used/unused materials in order to enter.

Step 6: Share your Commitment

Facilities Maintenance will hang up sheet signs and voting will open.

NOTE: Only Facilities Maintenance staff can hang and remove sheets and hooks. Violations of this expectation will result in your sheet being disqualified from the contest.

Fall 2018 Contest Timeline

  • Registration opens 8:30 a.m. on Monday, Sep. 10
  • Pick up sheet sign supplies at 461 Kiefaber- Students MUST fill out the application online in order to pick up supplies!
  • Online application closes on Sept. 28 
  • Submit a Photo via email and turn in finished sheet sign/supply packets by Monday, Oct. 1.
  • Sheets are hung up during Fall Midterm Break (Oct. 3-5)
  • Sheet sign voting opens on Oct. 15
  • Winners announced on Oct. 26 during the awards celebration
  • Sheets removed Oct. 22-23

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