Registration information

Complete the online registration form to confirm your participation and request a packet. Pick up your C2C packet, Monday through Friday, at the neighborhood offices:

  • 461 Kiefaber Street, 8:30 am-4:30 pm

Materials in the packet include:  

  • Sheet
  • Assortment of paints
  • Paint brushes
  • C2C branding template
  • Information Card
  • Plastic bag
  • Commitment to Community brochure

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  1. After reading the Commitment to Community, choose one principle and one habit that resonates with you. Using the materials in your packet, create an expression of how your chosen principle and habit are a reflection of your house’s commitment to enhancing the University of Dayton community.
  2. You will have until Oct 7. to complete your sheet. 
  • When completed, fold and place in the plastic bag from your packet. 
  • Complete and attach the information card to your bag. 
  • Then, submit to 461 Kiefaber St. by 4PM on Oct. 7.
  1. Once your sheet has been approved by Housing and Residence Life, a staff member from Residential Properties will hang your sheet on your house by Oct. 13.
  2. All sheets will be judged between Oct. 15-17and can be displayed through Oct. 24.
  3. Upon completion of "Our C2C" contest, Residential Properties staff will remove your sheet and place it inside your house. 


  • You can only use the sheet and the paint colors included in your registration packet to create the sheet sign.
  • The C2C brand template must be included as part of your sheet sign in order for it to be considered in the campaign.
  • Only Residential Properties staff can hang and remove sheets and hooks. Violations of this expectation will result in your sheet being disqualified from the contest.
  • In order to protect the community, we ask that you paint your sheet on the grass. Tarps are available at the neighborhood offices for your use. Please contact your neighborhood fellow to check out a tarp.
  • If you have questions about the “Our C2C” competition, please contact: 

Lindsay Elrod - Community Coordinator, North Student Neighborhood
937-229-4092, or

Andy Mitchell - Community Coordinator, South Student Neighborhood
937-229-3520, or