Graduate Assistantships

Make the most of graduate school: become a Student Development Graduate Assistant.

A defining hallmark of the University of Dayton Student Development Graduate Assistant Program is the strong dedication to challenging each person to develop morally, intellectually, spiritually and professionally to enact the University’s Commitment to Community in all facets of life.

Our graduate assistants commit themselves to building inclusivity, respect and integrity, all while integrating learning and living at the University of Dayton. Aligned with the Commitment to Community, our graduate assistants enter a strong network supported by mentors and supervisors who challenge and engage personal and professional growth and the GA cohort, formed through social and professional events offered outside of the classroom.

Student Development GA’s are valued as contributing staff members, serving on impactful University committees, shaping the University of Dayton community through their roles, and preparing for success in their career following graduate school.

Read our latest brochure here, and our latest postcard here.

Our GA Positions


Center for Alcohol and Other Drugs Resources and Education (CADRE) – Education and Programming (PDF)

Center for Student Involvement (CSI) – Greek Life (PDF)

Center for Student Involvement (CSI) - SGA (PDF)

Center for Student Involvement (CSI) - Student Life (PDF)

Common Academic Programs (CAP) - Common Academic Programs (PDF)

Community Standards & Civility (CS&C) – Student Conduct Assistant (PDF)

Community Standards & Civility (S&C) - Coordinator of Restorative Justice Programs (PDF)

Community Wellness (CWS) - Health Education and Wellness Promotion (PDF)

Communications & Community Relations (SD) - Communications & Community Relations (PDF)

Housing & Residence Life/Center for International Programs (H&RL, CIP) – Intercultural Initiatives (PDF)

Housing & Residence Life (H&RL) - Guest and Conference Services (PDF)

Housing & Residence Life (H&RL) – Residence Coordinator (PDF)

Housing & Residence Life (H&RL) – Resident Director (PDF)

New Student Programs (NSP) - New Student Programs (PDF)

School of Engineering (SE) – Diversity in Engineering Center (PDF)

Sexual Violence Prevention Education (SVPE) – Education & Programming (PDF)

Student Leadership Programs – Student Leadership Programs (PDF)

Women's Center - Women's Center (PDF)


Vice President of Student Development

Gosiger Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0951