PAVE Chat Registration

PAVE Chat Registration

You are invited to schedule a “PAVE chat” with a peer educator. If a student is studying abroad or interning away from campus, this experience will be modified to be on Skype. The PAVE (Peers Advocating for Violence Education) and the participant will engage in at least a 30 minute conversation over various topics such as bystander intervention, IPV, stalking, consent, etc. This program creates a safe environment that will allow students to have a meaningful one on one discussion with a PAVE member on sexual violence and relatable topics. All PAVE members are mandated to report if you disclose an incidence of power based personal violence, but other information in the conversation will remain confidential.

Participation in this conversation is subject to availability. Meetings with a PAVE may be limited due to student schedules, so please register as early as possible. They will be assigned on a first-come first-serve basis. Meeting times will be Monday through Friday between 8am and 10pm at an on-campus location or Brown Street. In order to receive a PATH credit, you must be a sophomore or older, the conversation must be at least 30 minutes in duration, and you must fill out a post reflection form that will be emailed to you via 1850. You will have 48 hours to complete the reflection form to receive PATH credit.


  1. Both the PAVE member and the participant(s) must be respectful towards each other and acknowledge that the topics talked about are very serious.

  2. The conversation should not be dominated by one side. The job of the PAVE is to create a safe space for the discussion, not lecture the participant.

  3. The conversation should not take place in a resident's room/house. PAVE and participant will decide on a public location on-campus or on Brown Street.

  4. The conversations should not be a platform to vent. The focus should be on understanding the topics and sharing ideas.

  5. This is not a counseling session. Please call 937-229-3141 if you are interested in scheduling a counseling appointment.

  6. Respect each other’s opinions on the topics. If there is a disagreement, calmly address it and move on.

  7. Be mindful of each other's time. If there is a scheduled time and place for the discussions, both people must communicate to meet and follow through on the agreement.

  8. Enjoy yourselves and have a meaningful conversation.


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