Swim Lesson Details

Skill Level Descriptions


Age: 6 months - 2 years old (Students - Min 2, Max 5) 
The parent and child class emphasizes water safety and adjustment skills. The participants will participate in several guided practice activities to help master skills such as water entry, blowing bubbles, front and back kicking, floating, underwater exploration and more! A parent or guardian is required to accompany the participant in the water at all times. Proper swimwear is required.


Age: 2 - 5 years old (Students - Min 2, Max 5)
Prerequisites: Children should be comfortable in the water without an adult.
Description: Skills taught include entering and exiting water, retrieving object in shallow water, moving in the water with assistance, the ability to learn in a group setting, opening eyes underwater and pool safety.
Safety Topic: Pool Safety


Age: 2 - 5 years old (Students - Min 2, Max 5)  
Prerequisites: Children should be comfortable in the water without an adult.
Description: Skills taught include jumping into the water with assistance, becoming comfortable laying on back in the water, blowing bubbles through the mouth, introduction to flutter kick (both on front and back), and swimming arm techniques.
Safety Topic: Pool Rules


Age: 6-13 years (Students - Min 2, Max 5) 
Prerequisites: Ability to follow instructions in a group setting
Description: This class emphasizes the introduction to swimming skills and techniques. Classes will consist of enhanced water adjustment and refinement of basic in-water movement. Skills taught include submerging head & blowing bubbles(through both nose and mouth), basics of front & back floats, introduction of simultaneous arm & leg actions (front crawl and back crawl), bobs and glides.
Safety Topic: Pool Rules
Level 1 Learning Objectives


Age: 6-13 years (Students - Min 2, Max 5) 
Prerequisites: Ability to comfortably submerge oneself; mastery of level one objectives Level 2 emphasizes mastering fundamental skills to prepare students for future stroke introduction. 
Description: Skills taught include floating on front & back without support, gliding, combined arm & leg actions on front & back (front & back crawl), treading water and much more! 
Safety Skill: Lifejackets in deep water
Level 2 Learning Objectives


Age: 6-13 years (Students - Min 2, Max 5) 
Prerequisites: Ability to float unsupported for at least 10 seconds, mastery of front and back glides, demonstration of front and back crawl for a distance of 3-5 yards, and mastery of level two objectives, including some level of endurance.
Description: This class is an introduction to stroke basics. In this course, students will work on developing skills, such as front crawl, back crawl, and the introduction of the breaststroke and butterfly kicks. Mastery of the sit dive, rotary breathing, and water treading are the primary objectives of this course. 
Safety Skill: Buddy system
Level 3 Learning Objectives


Age: 6-13 years (Students - Min 2, Max 5)
Prerequisites: Ability to front and back crawl for 15 yards without assistance, mastery of level three objectives
Description: This course is for swimmers with enough endurance to swim a length of the pool who have basic stroke skills established. Level objectives include defining the specifics of each stroke such as front crawl, breaststroke, butterfly, back crawl, and elementary backstroke. Students will learn kneeling dives, treading techniques, and be introduced to advanced skills such as standing dives, and the scissor kick.
Safety Skill: Reaching and throwing assists
Level 4 Learning Objectives


Age: 6-13 years (Students - Min 2, Max 5)
Prerequisites: Ability to swim 25 yards with rhythmic breathing, mastery of treading water, diving, and level four objectives.
Description: This level focuses on establishing endurance and stroke refinement. All strokes are fully introduced and students will work to fully grasp the different techniques.
Safety Skill: Looking before you enter the water
Level 5 Learning Objectives


Age: 6-13 years (Students - Min 2, Max 5) 
Prerequisites: Ability to swim all strokes for at least 50 yards, dive into deep water, and completion of level five objectives.
Description: Level six emphasizes stroke perfection and endurance. Students learn the fundamentals of fitness swimming, water exercise, turns, starts and safety skills.
Safety Skill: What to do when you’re tired
Level 6 Learning Objectives


Age: 8-14 years (Students - Min 2, Max 5) 
Prerequisites: Children should have passed level 6 or should possess the skills to pass level 6
Description: Advanced swim is designed for children who have completed level 6 and wish to continue to use swimming for fitness and/or competition. Stroke refinement, endurance, and competitive techniques are emphasized in a small group environment. Participants must be able to swim 8 pool lengths (200 yards) continuously.


Age: 14+ years
Description: In this level, participants will work on becoming comfortable in the water. Basic swimming skills will be worked on including but not limited to front and back floats and glides, rhythmic breathing drills, alternating arm-stroke, and flutter kicking. 


Age: 14+ years
Prerequisites: Comfort in the water, basic floating skills, and stroke mechanics.
Description: Participants will work on improving basic strokes including front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, sidestroke, and elementary backstroke. Open turns, proper body position, and breathing techniques will be emphasized. Participants will be swimming 25 yards while working on their skills.


Campus Recreation Member
Private (4 Lessons): $65
Private (6 Lessons): $85
Group Lesson (Per Session): $45

Private (4 Lessons): $85
Private (6 Lessons): $105
Group Lesson (Per Session): $65


The individual member is identified as the person with a direct relationship to the University of Dayton. As such, the person must hold an individual membership in the respective category (i.e. student, faculty/staff, alumni/affiliate).

SIBLING RATE DEFINED (group swim lessons ONLY):

Those eligible the sibling rate are a family having 2 or more natural or adopted children or stepchildren under age 25 at the time of purchase.  An individual must claim children on their tax return in order to qualify for these the sibling rate. The sibling rate is $5 off any additional siblings registering for the same session of group swim lessons.  

A minor’s status for payment purchases is reflective of the legal parent/guardian’s membership status.


A permit is required to park in UD lots prior to 7:30p on weekdays. Parking permits may be obtained by contacting UD Parking Services. UDCR sells monthly (30-day) parking permits for $22 This pass allows access to lots S2 or C. Parking passes will be available at the time of your first lesson if purchased. No permit is needed in the "visitors" C Lot after 7:30p on weekdays or weekends.  A parking permit is valid one calendar month from the date of purchase. It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that their permit does not expire prior to the end of the lessons. UDCR is not responsible for parking violations. Please allow for 3-5 business days between purchase and first day of lessons. 

Other Details You Need to Know

Please review the items below for important details to ensure the best experience before your first lesson.

Minors Policy
In the best interest of your child, the University of Dayton has established the following minors policy. Please click here to review this policy before beginning swim lessons.

Group Swim Lesson Makeup Policy
For best results, we encourage attendance and participation at all lessons within the session. However, in the case that the participant is unable to make a lesson, the content taught on that day will be missed. UDCR does not offer make up lesson for missed group swim lessons, as the sessions are scheduled continually. To keep classes consistent and allow for the best experience possible, it is not acceptable to mix and match group lesson dates from various sessions. We do not allow participants to make up lessons by joining another session. 

Group swim lessons do not allow for the flexible scheduling that private lessons do. Classes take place on the dates in which they are scheduled. May not mix and match dates from various sessions. 

Swim Lesson Registration
Participant is not registered for lessons until payment is processed. Submission of registration paperwork does not guarantee a spot in the class.

Private and Semi-Private Lesson Expiration
All Private and Semi-Private swim lessons expire 6 months from the date of purchase.

Private Swim Lesson Cancellation Policy
Any swim lesson needing to be canceled must be done a minimum of 8 hours in advance of the scheduled lesson start time. If you do not inform us of a cancellation or your child does not attend the scheduled lesson it will be deducted from the purchased package. 

To Cancel a Lesson: Please contact your instructor by email or phone call. You may also call the UDCR Welcome desk at 937-229-2704. Please indicate your child's name, instructor name and time and date of the lesson.

Refund Policy
It is necessary for the Aquatics Director to properly plan for the number of swimmers scheduled for each session. With this in mind, the following refund policy has been developed by UDCR administration to accommodate our camper families. Please note, all refunds take one to two weeks to process and will be made in the form of a reimbursement check. Our refund policy is:

- Refund request made 30 days or more prior to the first day of the session will be refunded in full minus a $10 administrative fee.

- Refund request made 29 to 11 days prior to the first day of the session will be refunded at 50% minus a $10 administrative fee.

- Refund request made 10 days or fewer prior to the first day of the session will not be given.  Illness, injury, or other extraneous circumstances documented by a physician or accredited third-party representative may be directed to the Camp Director for consideration of a refund.  These requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis and may or may not be awarded.

Gifts and Tips
At UDCR your appreciation and gratitude is always welcomed, however gifts and/or tips are not. Smiles, thank you notes, and art created by your child are the best choices to show your thanks for our instructors.

Swimming before or after swim lessons/use of facility
The aquatic center is available for open swim only to those who are current members of UD Campus Recreation. All others, including spectators, family members and participants, are not permitted to swim before, during or after lessons. The same policy stands for the RecPlex as a whole. 

Need a sitter? Want to come to my birthday party?
To maintain a professional environment and continued quality experiences, employment and outside interaction with UDCR staff by current Swim Lesson Participant families is prohibited. This is due to the blurring of lines between instructor and employee, to ensure confidentiality, and the need to maintain a professional relationship. 


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