Outdoor Engagement Center

Located at 438 Stonemill Rd, Campus Recreation’s Outdoor Engagement Center (OEC) provides the University of Dayton and the surrounding community with opportunities and resources to engage the natural world in a sustained, collaborative, and meaningful way that promotes a lifelong appreciation for the outdoors and personal health and wellness. The OEC embodies UD’s principles of community living by offering outdoor experiences and equipment that lead to outcomes connected to the holistic development of individuals and groups, while welcoming all individuals regardless their experience or skill level. These efforts are dedicated to sharing knowledge and providing direct experiences that educate on the common good in one’s commitment to enjoying the outdoors responsibly.

The Outdoor Engagement Center offers:

- Outdoor equipment rentals
- Clinics and workshops
- Pro-shop for bike and camping supplies
- D.I.Y bike repair stations
- Resources to plan your next adventure

The Outdoor Engagement Center is open for equipment rentals by appointment only. To make an appointment to rent equipment or purchase items, please contact Dave Ostrander directly via email at adierking1@udayton.edu or via phone at 937-229-2397. ​

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