About RECkids Camp

Vision Statement

Leading healthy, happy lives!

Mission Statement

UDCR’s RECkids Camp is a recreationally-based day camp promoting healthy lifestyles for six to twelve year old children.

Our goal is to inspire campers to discover their best selves through playful inquiry, cooperative learning, and positive group culture. By working towards these goals, our campers will:

  • Leave with a newly gained confidence in themselves

  • Develop a love for learning, growing, and playing

  • Discover and develop their personal best

  • Act in ways consistent with their values

  • Help to create a community where trust, cooperation, and respect are the foundation

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on three foundational elements that inform our offerings and work with youth:
  • Recreation – Our camp provides experiences for campers to be active. From the Aquatics Center to the Rock Wall, to outdoor athletic fields and many oases on campus, campers have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of activities focused on health and wellness. Activities include sports, art, games, group challenges, and outdoor pursuits. Not only do our campers run outside, breath fresh air, and use muscles to jump, splash, and climb, our activity time builds a sense of community and encourages feelings of belonging and shared responsibility.

  • Education – Our campers are challenged to think critically, work collaboratively, and solve problems creatively through their involvement in a variety of dynamic, hands-on activities that encourage communication and cooperation in nurturing and engaging educational environments.

  • Celebration – A key component of our camp is to celebrate the ordinary and extraordinary moments of the summer. We take time to pause and review progress our campers make, encourage them to work on their personal best goals, and acknowledge the strengths and contributions of everyone involved. Celebrations come in all forms: words of affirmation, letters home, all camp parties, shared laughter and many, many high fives.

News flash: We're Having Fun.

Every week in RECkids Camp at the University of Dayton is always a blast, and now you can learn about our weekly programs from home. Following each week of RECkids Camp, we will send out and post a newsletter highlighting our activities and weekly theme. Feel free to browse last year's newsletters to enjoy a week of RECkids Camp and learn more about the wonderful staff and campers.  We are happy to share our experience with you, and stay tuned for more RECkids summer fun!

2015 RECkids Camp Newsletters
As each weekly session ends, we will add the newsletter here.
2014 RECkids Camp Newsletters
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