Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on three foundational elements that inform our offerings and work with youth:

Recreation – Our camp provides experiences for campers to be active. From the Aquatics Center to the Rock Wall, to outdoor athletic fields and many oases on campus, campers have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of activities focused on health and wellness. Activities include sports, art, games, group challenges, and outdoor pursuits. Not only do our campers run outside, breath fresh air, and use muscles to jump, splash, and climb, our activity time builds a sense of community and encourages feelings of belonging and shared responsibility.

Education – Our campers are challenged to think critically, work collaboratively, and solve problems creatively through their involvement in a variety of dynamic, hands-on activities that encourage communication and cooperation in nurturing and engaging educational environments.

Celebration – A key component of our camp is to celebrate the ordinary and extraordinary moments of the summer. We take time to pause and review progress our campers make, encourage them to work on their personal best goals, and acknowledge the strengths and contributions of everyone involved. Celebrations come in all forms: words of affirmation, letters home, all camp parties, shared laughter and many, many high fives.