Themes and Dates

2018 Themes and Dates

Week 1: Shoot for the Moon

Camp Dates: May 29 - June 1

Registration Deadline: May 21

Come explore the galaxy and reach for the stars this week at RECkids camp. Activities and games revolve around dreaming big and working hard to get there! Imagine and create your dream planet --would it have majestic unicorns or endless supplies of cheesy pizza- that is up to you to decide! Aim high and shoot far, because RECkids will help you get there! 

Week 2: We're ALl in this together

Camp Dates: June 4 - 8

Registration Deadline: May 24

Teamwork makes the dream work during this week at RECkids camp. All activities and games revolve around working together to achieve a positive outcome. Become each others biggest fan and learn how being a team can form lasting friendships. Show your spirit by creating your own Team RECkids tie-dye t-shirt! 

Week 3: Do You believe in Magic?

Camp Dates: June 11 - 15

Registration Deadline: June 4

Now you see it, now you don't. Come be fascinated with this week of RECkids camp filled with tricks and games that will blow your mind. You won't believe your eyes as you engage with an exciting visitor... a magician! 

WEEK 4: welcome to the jungle

Camp Dates: June 18 - 22

Registration Deadline: June 11

Find your wild side with RECkids during our jungle themed week! Come explore the river through the cardboard boat races! Learn about and run wild like some of natures most interesting animals!

WEEK 5: Save the planet, save the day

Camp Dates: June 25 - 29

Registration Deadline: June 18

Who doesn't want to be a hero? This week we will not only help save the day, but we will help save our planet! By using our super powers, we can all make a difference by recycling and being eco-friendly. We will also have a special visit from our everyday heroes - the Dayton firefighters!  

WEEK 6: I believe I can fly

Camp Dates: July 9 - 13

Registration Deadline: June 25

Come fly away with RECkids as we launch into a variety of games and activities! Design, create and fly your very own paper airplanes, parachutes and rockets! Learn how to send balls flying from an expert juggler!

WEEK 7: I can go the distance

Camp Dates: July 16 - 20

Registration Deadline: July 9

Do you have what it takes to go the extra mile? At RECkids Camp this week you will be able to test your limits and see what you can really do. Relay races, obstacle courses, and activities will highlight the superb athletes in all of us!

WEEK 8: Try Everything!

Camp Dates: July 23 - 27

Registration Deadline: July 16

This week at RECkids camp, we are trying anything and everything. Join us for a week filled of finding hidden talents and other activities that show off our skills. Come one, come all as week 8 will conclude with our very favorite event, the RECkids Talent Show! 


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