2017 Themes and Dates

Week 1: RECkids Zoo

May 30-June 2 (No camp on Monday, May 29 due to Memorial Day)

Registration Deadline: 5/25/2017

Lions and Tigers and Campers, OH MY! This week we will adventure through jungles, swim through seas, and explore deserts to learn about different animals and their habitats.

Week 2: Planet Earth

June 5-9

Registration Deadline: 6/1/2017

Think GREEN this week! Join us as we learn about sustainability and protecting our planet, Earth. Sustainability is making a difference on future generations, starting today! Through imagination and innovation, we will re-purpose household items for an array of crafts, games and activities. The campers will learn various ways that they can make a positive difference in the world around them!

Week 3: Who Wants to be a RECkid?!

June 12-16

Registration Deadline: 6/8/2017

You’re the next contestant on… This week we will put our knowledge, endurance, and creativity to the test with trivia, obstacle courses, and more! You may even find out if you are smarter than a RECkids counselor. 

WEEK 4: Ahoy RECkids!

June 19-23

Registration Deadline: 6/15/2017

Ahoy Mate! Come all ye lads and lassies, join us as we play ships and sailors and learn the lingo of a pirate! We will cast out into the ocean blue upon our cardboard boats in search of land and pirate booty. * Family and friends are invited to join us for cardboard boat races at 3:00PM on Friday, June 23.

WEEK 5: RK in the USA

June 26-30

Registration Deadline: 6/22/2017

This week is brought to you courtesy of the red, white, and blue! Colors will burst off the page as we paint fireworks and cheers will be heard as we participate in various team-building activities. Let freedom ring as we send our appreciation to those who serve our country! On Friday we encourage you to wear red, white and blue in celebration of the 4th of July!

WEEK 6: Campers Inc.

July 10-14

Registration Deadline: 7/6/2017

This week will be made for the campers by the campers! We will put our imagination and creativity to work as we take the opportunity to bring our ideas to life. We will design, build, and create original artwork using a wide range of multimedia materials.

WEEK 7: RECkids Adventures to Space

July 17-21

Registration Deadline: 7/13/2017

3...2...1... Blast off! There is no better way to celebrate Moon Day on July 20 than to take a trip to space with RECkids Camp! Throughout the week we will explore different planets and gain further insight into the characteristics of space and life as an astronaut. We will launch into various teambuilding games and activities to prepare the campers for flight!

WEEK 8: We Are RECkids

July 24-28 

Registration Deadline: 7/20/2017

For our final week of camp we will honor what it truly means to be a RECkid through Recreation, Education, and Celebration. Activities this week will highlight the importance of teamwork and recognizing the individual strengths that each person brings to a team. The week will conclude with our annual talent show where we will showcase the special gifts and capabilities of each RECkid! *Family and friends are invited to join us for the Talent Show at 3:00PM on Friday, July 28.

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