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Form Instructions: In order to respond in a timely and accurate manner, please complete all areas of the form.

* Space Requested (Check all that apply):
* Please select the category that best describes your group:

If this is a UD Registered Student Organization, the event must be registered with the Center for Student Involvement prior to completing the facility reservation.

Is the event registered with the Center for Student Involvement?
* Does the organization or activity have a Non-UD sponsor?
* Who is the intended audience for your event (check all that apply)?
* The participants can be best described as:

*NOTE: As of January 1, 2015, UD instituted a Minor's Policy which will require any group facilitating an event or program involving minors to abide by all conditions of the policy to include maintaining specified ratios and training compliance.

* If minors, what are the expected age ranges of event attendees? (Please check all that apply)*

*NOTE: A minimum of 2 “authorized adults” must be present during the minors program, while the actual number will vary based on group size and age of participants. Following the American Campers Association guideline, the following ratios apply: 6:1 for children 5 and younger; 8:1 for children ages 6-8; 10:1 for children ages 9-14; and 12:1 for children ages 15-17. Note that 2 authorized adults must be present until the last minor is picked up.

* Is this event a fund-raiser or charity event?

Will there be an admission charge, sale of items (food, beverage, apparel etc.), collection of donations or any money generated at this event (excluding dues, assessments or initiation fees)?

* Will any of the above occur at your event?
* Will food and/or beverages be served?
* Will there be any non-UD affiliated speakers or performers?

I agree and understand that this form is to be submitted at minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the event. If any minors will be in attendance, this form must be submitted four (4) weeks in advance. .Forms may be submitted up to a maximum of four (4) months prior to event. Incomplete request forms will not be accepted or reviewed. I understand that this form is a request for a Campus Recreation Facility rental and the completion of this form does not guarantee my rental request. ALL EVENTS ARE SUBJECT TO APPROVAL AT THE DISCRETION OF THE DEPARTMENT OF CAMPUS RECREATION

* Please indicate your agreement with the above statement of understanding.
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