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You choose the topic: When completing this form, please consider requesting student feedback and/or basing this choice on recent conversations or areas of concern that have recently existed within your population. A description of each program, complete with learning outcomes, can be found here.

Basic sections: The following sections will be presented at every program. Please anticipate these sections to take a total of 10 minutes, although they can take longer if you request further discussion.

  1. Introduction
  2. Available resources

Please be sure to fill out the entire form before submitting. If your organization would benefit from having a few of these topics discussed during the program (time permitting) please check all boxes that apply. Thank you!

REAL talk: 50 Shades of Alcohol Use
Gender Confusion: The Differences in Male and Female Alcohol Use Expectations
Girl Code: The Effects of Alcohol Use among Women.
Under Pressure: Societal Influences on Male Alcohol Use.
The Hangover: Alcohol and Your health
Get your Head in the Game: Alcohol Use and Athletic Performance
Blame it on the Alcohol? Alcohol isn’t held responsible in a hearing board
Uppers, Downers, All-Arounders: Drugs and Policy
Rose Colored Glasses: Examining the Risks associated with Marijuana Use
Dinner and a Dialogue
But I use it to study!
Pregaming: Are you making it to the main event?
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