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Intervention and Education

Alcohol Skills Training Program

Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP) helps students who choose to drink make informed & healthy decisions about how they drink. Practical, realistic strategies for drinking in a way that reduces risk and potential harm are provided. This intervention is in a same sex group setting. ASTP is taught in 2 sessions, typically an hour long with a week in between each session.


Check-ups are designed to provide UD students with the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a professional in a non-judgmental, confidential setting regarding their alcohol and/or drug use. Typically, students meet with a professional staff member twice over two or three weeks for an hour.

e-CHUG (electronic Check-Up to Go)

An interactive web based survey and alcohol education tool that allows students to enter information about their drinking and receive feedback about their use of alcohol.  Interested students can take this online assessment in about ten minutes. The assessment is self-guided and does not require face-to-face contact with a counselor or administrator. To access e-CHUG, use your Internet browser to go to:

Alcohol and Substance Awareness Program

Alcohol and Substance Awareness Program (ASAP) participants meet one time with an alcohol and other drug professional in a group setting. There are multiple opportunities for student reflection regarding the use of substances. Individuals will be challenged to consider developing new responses when presented with potential high-risk situations related to substance use.

Substance Education Program

The Substance Education Program (SEP) is an intensive drug and alcohol intervention series. The 8-hour Saturday program blends individual and group sessions, costs $100, and satisfies UD sanctions as well as many court-mandated sanctions for UD students. The fee is waived for students taking the course voluntarily.

Professional Alcohol/Drug Assessment

This is an individual 90-minute session that includes a comprehensive drug and alcohol history, AOD questionnaire, diagnosis, and recommendation by a licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor on staff. After the session, letters of recommendation are sent and referrals made. This assessment meets the requirements of court settings for UD students as well as the Office of Community Standards and Civility at the University of Dayton. Depending on the recommendation, follow-up sessions may be necessary.

Tobacco Cessation

The Center for Alcohol and Other Drugs Resources and Education offers  tobacco cessation counseling to students. Sessions are conducted by a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist  and are designed to help students cope with cravings, stress, negative mood states, strong or prolonged withdrawal symptoms, smoking lapses, and build positive coping skills. The Health Center can be contacted at 937-229-3131 for information about nicotine replacement therapy. 


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